Joey Kurkjian


Interesting Facts

Italian pizza is not the same as pizza in the U.S. and is different from region to region. It is Usually thinner and less rich than American pizza. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Italy. For vacations most Italians stay in Italy for vacation. They will usually go to the beach or they will go to the mountains for hiking, swimming in lakes,etc. Italians celebrate Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, and much more



Italy is a republic where representatives are elected by votes.


The currency of Italy is the euro. One U.S. dollar is about 0.75 euros.


The main language is Italian in Italy. Some phrases you need to know are: Hello, how are you? (Ciao, come stai?), Goodbye (addio), Where is the bathroom? (Dov'è il bagno?), I'm hungry (Ho fame), Where is the hospital? (dove è l'ospedale?), Can you tell me how to get to the Vatican? (Mi puoi dire come arrivare al Vaticano?).


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