September 16, 2021

Dear HRMS Families,

This newsletter has information on the HRMS Virtual Open House, iPad Tips, 7th Grade Outdoor School, Health Information, CAT Bus, and the Principal’s Chat weekly video.

Virtual Open House

We will be holding a Virtual Open House on the originally scheduled date of September 23 starting at 6:30 PM. Links for the program will be emailed and posted on our website. You will hear from administration, counselors, and your student’s teachers about the upcoming year and what to expect from your school.

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Outdoor Day School for 7th Grade

We are planning for a Fall Day Outdoor School experience for our 7th Grade students! Outdoor School is an amazing time where students shift their learning from inside to outside while learning about the natural world and from the Native People of our area. The dates are October 5-8. Students will be transported from HRMS to the Cooper Spur area of Mt. Hood above Parkdale. The four day experience will be led by the Gorge Ecology Outdoors We are expecting a return to HRMS around 5:30 each day of Outdoor School. Our plans have shifted several times in the past month due to increased safety measures and limited bus driver availability. I will communicate with you if this plan changes.


Columbia Area Transit (CAT) has an ongoing grant to provide passes for transit service to Hood River County School District Middle and High School students. This year, instead of requiring a parent to complete a waiver form, the Student GOrge passes will be handed out at the beginning of the school year. These passes will be good until December 31, 2022. However, if you do not wish for your student to have access to a free GOrge Pass or ride public transit services, please reject the Student GOrge pass by clicking here.

CAT’s fixed route services include the Hood River City Route, Upper Valley, Weekend Trolley, Gorge-To Mountain Express, Cascade Locks, Columbia Gorge Express, and The Dalles. Check out the schedules and routes at These routes offer a wide variety of options to get students where they may need to go within Hood River County. Additionally, this pass is now accepted by 3 other transit services (The Link, Skamania County Transit, and Mt. Adam’s Transportation Service). To learn more about the places that your student can access with the GOrge Pass and the different transit providers that accept the pass please visit If your student needs help learning how to use the fixed route system, please reach out to CAT staff at (541)386-4202 for travel training assistance.

In specific instances Dial-A-Ride (DAR) door to door service may be available to your student at an additional cost. Please call (541)386-4202 for more information if you are interested in having your student use this service.

To maintain the health of the school population, HRCSD needs students to remain home when they have symptoms of illness.

  • Communicable disease, including COVID-19, prevention is of paramount importance

    • To maintain health of school population

    • To decrease school absenteeism

  • Efforts in school settings can promote health and prevent disease, including COVID-19, among students, staff, and surrounding communities

  • Please follow these guidelines to help all students stay healthy and ready to learn

    • Do NOT send an ill student to school

    • Contact the school office if your student is ill

    • Contact your health care provider about any serious illness or if you are worried about your student’s health

      • If you need help finding a healthcare provider, you may contact the Hood River County Health Department

    • Notify the school office if your student is diagnosed with a contagious disease, including COVID-19.

      • The school will protect your private information as required by law. [OAR 333- 019-0010; ORS 433.008]

    • Notify your school office if your student requires medications during school hours.

      • Follow school protocols for medication at school.

      • If your student’s illness requires antibiotics, the student must have been on antibiotics for at least 24 hours before returning to school, and longer in some cases. Antibiotics are not effective for viral illnesses.

    • Notify your school office if your student has a chronic health condition.

      • We will work with you to address the health condition so that the student can learn.

      • With consent, the school nurse may consult with the student’s health care provider about the health condition and necessary treatments.

  • We want to support your students. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Additional resources

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Safe Routes To School

HRMS is partnering with the City of Hood River as we improve safety and access for students who walk, skate, or bike to school. Included is a survey of families Please take a look at the following links and information on how to improve safety!


Safet Routes to School Survey link in both English and Spanish:

Safety Tips:

English and Spanish “Safety Tips for Driving”

English and Spanish “Safety Tips for Walking and Biking”

Safe Biking Handout in English

Safe Biking Handout in Spanish

Helmet Fitting in English

Helmet Fitting in Spanish

Principal's Chat

The weekly Principal's Chat is shown in Advisory and directed towards the kids. We discuss school-wide concepts and celebrate our students. Some families like to keep up with school in this light and fun (sometimes funny) weekly video.
Principal's Chat W1

Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or words of praise for the people or programs of Hood River Middle School. Thank you and have a great day.


Excellence. Every student. Every day.

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Brent Emmons- Principal