Welcome to New York!

Are you looking for a place to settle and start a family?

New York is the finest colony around! πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ή --> πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

"New York started out it's life as New Amsterdam and was founded by the Dutch in 1664. The English king, King Charles II did not like the Dutch trading with the English colonies so they sent out warships to fight the Dutch. The Dutch saw how many English warships there was and Peter Stuyvesant, the Dutch leader, surrendered to the English without a fight in August of 1664. They changed the name from New Amsterdam to New York named after the kings brother the Duke of York."

New York is located in the Mid-Atlantic area and is the 11th colony!

The Land 🌿🌲

"New York has a diverse geography! Mountains in the northeast, lowlands from Lake Ontario along the Canadian border. Atlantic coastal plain. The general geography of the Middle Colonies had a mix of the New England and Southern features but had fertile soil and land that was suited to farming"

The Middle Colonies also have a mild climate with warm summers and mild winters that are suited to farming and agriculture

Economy πŸ’²

"You can make a living in a variety of ways here in New York; fur, lumber trading, shipping, the slave trade, and being a merchant and tradesman in the colony's towns. Most people are farmers and corn was the most popular crop ,since it can be eaten by people and animals. Some colonists also mine for iron to send to England for manufacturing into finished goods."

"When you come to New York there are many jobs. Some jobs are printers, clockmakers, barbers, tanners, milliners, dyers, menders, or you could be in the shipping business."

Religion πŸ™ β›ͺ

New York is situated between the Puritan colonies of New England and the catholic colony of Maryland, so our settlers are of many faiths and have considerable religious freedom. "Although minorities were numerous, it can be said that Protestantism is the main religion."

Politics and Government πŸ—½

"New York has a governor and an elected assembly. The Charter of Liberties gives free rights to all Dutch and English settlers. The colony is run by a governor, Thomas Dongan, appointed by the king of England and he makes all the laws." The government encourages peoples' rights and gives them a voice.

Does this sound like the place for you? Of course it does! 😏😎


all information found on http://newyorkcolonyhistory.blogspot.com/

authors Addy and Emma