First Grade News

Mrs. Clyde - Room 8 - Issue No. 7

A Week At a Glance

Wow! We had quite the week last week. Thank you to everyone who was able to help out in one form or another. If you were not able to help last week, don't worry! There will always be another time. This week I am going to share some pictures from last week. Kids had a lot of fun and we were still able to get lots of learning in. I count that as a win-win!

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Veteran's Day Assembly

Our class will do a poem as part of the Veteran's Day Assembly on Friday. Families are invited. We'd love to honor any veterans in your family. Assembly starts at 9AM.

No School - Monday, Nov. 11th

Sharing This Week

Bring your sharing in a bag and write (with help) a word that rhymes with your sharing. Then see if kids can guess what your sharing is. A fun Rhyming Guessing Game -

Read 20 Minutes Every Night!

Your kids should be reading or read to for at least 20 minutes every night. Don't forget to mark it on the reading log. I count this as their Reading At Home grade for the report card!

Hint, Hint....this is more of a grade for parents -- Are we remembering to mark the reading log? If you forget, just do it the next day. I don't punish kids for not having their reading log signed because as parents it's our job to do it. But I do reward kids who have it done.

That's your friendly reminder for the month.....Happy Reading!!!