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How to Be a LEGO Designer -Peter Borth

The First Brick

Do you wanna be a Lego designer, do you want to spend your adulthood playing with legos and getting paid? Then good news this wonderful article will help you out. This job does require an art and design degree but first get your self a Lego set sit down and see if you like to play with this wonderful creation of well... CREATIVITY! Sadly this job only pays $35,000 a year but who cares! The main places you work in this profession are Singapore, Singapore/Denmark, Billund/China, Shenzhen/United Kingdom, Berkshire/Denmark, Billun. So ya if you family lives in America tsss… yaaaaahhh. For this job i don't know why i needed to look up what kind of degree you need to be a Lego DESIGNER or ENGINEER. But you obviously need a engineering degree and a design degree. also probably an art degree for all those fab-o-lus sets. Many people call this THE dream job. This job is basically sitting at your desk and fidgeting with Legos. This job doesn't pay to well though it pays about $37,500 a year.

The Last Link


A man named Sean Kenny is a very famous lego designer. He has several books giving tips on several different themes of lego styles. I believe he operates in the LEGO home country Denmark. So would you like to be in this profession if so great, work hard and your dream will come True. If you love to engineer, design, and just tinker with legos than you would absolutely love this job.