Edmond Doyle News 12-1-16

Happy first of December! This year has really flown past quickly hasn't it! Before we know it we will be out for Christmas vacation. Come by and see our new carpet in our first and second grade rooms. Lowe's installed new carpet to replace some carpet that was not wearing well. We really appreciate them backing up their product and taking good care of us! It is very beautiful and we are very proud of it.

Next week we will be celebrating Hour of Code. Our students will be learning how to do simple coding on the iPads and computers. Coding is the language that will be needed in many jobs that are available now and that will be needed in our student's future. We want our students to know how to use technology in order to have the option to have coding jobs in their future. Check out code.org if you want to try it yourselves!

Our first Christmas program rehearsal will be Tuesday, December 7th from 12:30-2:30. Our next one will be on December 13th from 8:30-10:30. Our program will be on December 13th starting at 6:30 at S. Arch Auditorium. Make plans to be there-you don't want to miss whatever our kids and Mrs. Braswell have planned for your enjoyment!!

Our Christmas parties will be on Thursday at 2:00. Your child's teacher will get in touch with you with details.

We will be going to the Cinema 69 to see Moana. A letter is being sent home explaining everything about the event. We will go on December 16th.

The Sertoma Club will be having their annual auction this Saturday, December 3rd at 9 a.m.

at the Boys and Girls Club basketball facility at 1 V. Hubert Smith Dr. The Sertoma Club has generously helped our school. Last year, they gave us a donation to help us and this year they have helped us get Buckle Down materials to help our 3rd and 4th graders prepare for their state test. The Sertoma Club is a big supporter of our schools-this auction helps them help us.