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April 10-14, 2023 - ed#29


Middle School Wrestler Sucker Punches Opponent By-Octavio.O

There was a Middle School wrestler from Illinois who sucker punched his opponent after a match he lost. The opponent that got sucker punched is pressing charges.

A sucker punch is a an unexpected hit so the opponent wasn't expecting it.

The person that threw the sucker punch might need to serve juvenile detention or pay a large fine to cover medical bills since his victim had a nose injury.

The moral to the story is to have good sportsman and just try harder next time

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Let’s Get To Know Anthony Villalobos By:William Summerhill

Q:What is your dream job?

A:I don’t know.

Q:What is your favorite sport?

A:Track, soccer, and wrestling

Q:What’s your favorite thing about school?

A:Field trips

Q:Who is your best friend?

A:Ismael Reyna

Q:Do you like Marvel or DC?


Q:What’s your least favorite thing about school?


Q:What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

A:”Are We There Yet?”

Q:Who’s your favorite teacher?

A:Mrs.Aleman, Mrs.Remington, and Mr.Smith

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Testing Tips By Erick Hernandez

As this school year is coming to an end, tests and exams are expected to happen. Many students worry and stress about tests. It is normal for people to feel nervous for tests. Tests are important things that matter. It is important that you do well on them. However some people feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

These students feel like they can’t do well on these tests. However there are tips that can help calm down or increase your chances of getting the correct answers. First of all, you need to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of food. This is extremely important to focus correctly during a test. You don’t want to be hungry or thirsty in the middle of a long test. Second, get plenty of sleep. Most students tend to stay up late. This is a bad idea. You need sleep to not be tired. Many tests are long and getting tired from a lack of sleep is easy.

To calm down before or during a test take long deep breaths. This helps you relax and your heart rate goes down which makes you calm down as well. Try to become more aware of yourself and relax any muscles that are tensed more unknowingly. Then there are the tips to increase your chances of getting a question correctly. Remember to go over your answer at least twice. If there is a question you know but not completely then eliminate the ones you know are wrong. For those that you are completely unsure of, try eliminating the ones that seem the most different. These tips won’t always work but it is extremely easy to find other sources that can help with these tips and can help with your tests.

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NBA News By:Jonah Luter

Currently the Lakers beat the Timberwolves in overtime. Dennis Schroder scored 21 points hitting a tiebreaker 3 pointer and hit it with 1.4 seconds left in the game.

Lebron James had 30 points and 10 rebounds and they got the 7th spot in the Western Conference playoffs with the final score being 108-102.

Conley hit three clutch free throws to tie the game after Davis fouled him on a 3 point shot.

Karl Anthony Towns scored 24 points for the Timberwolves. They will host the Thunder on Sunday.

The Utah Jazz are signing Luka Samanic to a multi year deal.

Andrew Wiggins is expected to heavily contribute to the team's title after missing a lot of time this past season.

Game 1 of the series will be played Saturday at Golden 1 Center. This will be the first postseason appearance from the Kings since 2006.

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Softball Is A Form Of Entertainment By Alexis Wisniewski

Softball is a team sport that makes you work together so you become like a family. Practicing and playing a game of softball with a group can help strengthen bonds, build confidence, and lower stress. Kids benefit big time from the increase in self-esteem. It helps them resist social pressure and learn to trust their peers.

College softball is very competitive right now. They are just starting their season, so they are all very ecstatic about it. Last season Oklahoma won by beating Texas in the college world series.

There are different kinds of softball teams around the world. There are travel softball teams that travel around the country to play against different teams in tournaments. There are just the high school softball teams that play against other schools. Also some people slow pitch softball. It is usually for people who are older and out of high school or college. These people come together and play against each other or other teams just to play around and stay fit. It is actually very competitive in certain areas when it comes to winning for a cause. For example some teams raise money for charities.

I know a lot of people that use softball to keep their mind off of things, stay fit and just play with their friends. I think softball is an important part of some peoples life no matter what age you are.

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