Jay: A Writer

Reflections of a 11 year writer

I'm a writer who....

I am a writer who doesn't love writing but doesn't hate it. Writing is not my favorite subject but not my least. My favorite kind of writing is creative writing and making up characters.

A memorable experience

My writing experience was in 5th grade when we had to write a lot about ancient things. I did not have very much fun doing it but I learned that sometimes you have to write a lot and you should always be ready to do it.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

• to become a better writer

• to use better grammer

• use bigger words in my writing

• to write more fluently

About Me

I have 2 siblings (one brother, one sister). In my free time I like to play outside with my brother and my nanny. My favorite food is corn dogs. I enjoy biking, playing in the pool, and spending time with my 2 year old sister.