The Panther Way

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

What is PBIS?

PBIS is a national behavioral intervention model that was created to impact the culture of a school. Widely used at the elementary level, PBIS has expanded to both middle schools and high schools alike. At St. Croix Central we are focusing on 3 key areas of growth that we are calling “The Big 3”. Responsible, Respectful, and Successful will be the focal point of our school's culture. At the end of the 2016-17’ school year, surveys were given to students and staff to identify areas of concern both in behaviors and physical spaces of the school. A PBIS team, made up of staff, guidance counselors, and administration, was created to analyze the survey data, create our focus, and will be heavily involved in the intervention process moving forward. “The Big 3” was developed by the PBIS team and will be how SCC lives and breathes within our school and wherever we may travel.
Wisconsin PBIS Network

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What is the data to support PBIS?

The greatest impact of PBIS is on learning! The amount of instruction and learning time lost due to classroom behaviors is incredible and can be detrimental to not just the student who is in need of intervention but every student in the classroom. A Benefits and Cost Analysis has been created from several sample schools to paint a clear picture on how PBIS can affect the learning environment.

What is "The Panther Way"?

"The Panther Way" is our Districts character education and behavioral system. Our staff at SCC will be consistent in implementing district wide systems that will guarantee all students are taught and model character skills that will build a culture of community within our SCC buildings and prepare students for their future life path. The Panther Way will serve as a model of unification for Hammond and Roberts and all student learners.

How does it work at SCC High School?

PBIS is a referral process that allows students to make mistakes, learn from them, and grow in a positive way. When students meet the expectations of the school culture they are rewarded for being role models. All students are held to the same standard, and consequences although could be individualized based on severity of the behavior, and are outlined below. They system uses definitions separated into 2 categories of minors and majors. The flowchart below explains the discipline process as students may exhibit increased behavioral issues.

Tiered Intervention Stretegies

Tier 1 - All Students

The High Schools
High School Behavior Matrix

School-wide Behavior Expectations Matrix

Major/Minor Decision Flowchart

A decision flowchart educators use to determine behavioral accountability

SCC Definitions and Referral Categories

Office Discipline Referrals (ODRs)

SCC Technology Guidelines

Created by the SCC Student Senate in 2018

Tier 2 - Individual/Small Group Interventions

SCC Technology CICO

Tier 2 Intervention

Tier 3 - Individual Intervention

These interventions are individually built and usually require a strategic team of individuals to support the students needs.