Academy of the Arts at Bransom

April 16-20, 2018 (School Days 143-147)

A Note From Your Principal

Good morning, Families and Friends of the Academy of the Art at Bransom.

I have to start with a brag. There are some who get it and some who do not. The families from the Academy of the Arts get it. The STAAR was created to help schools and students be accountable. Our teachers, our test administrators, and OUR STUDENTS rocked last week's first round of STAAR. Of course we have no results but we do have evidence that we rocked it. Check this out:

First Day

NO fifth graders were absent or tardy!

(By the way our fifth grade class has the highest attendance rate for the school.)

Students from other grades could not even be heard by the fifth graders when they traveled down the hallways!

Breakfast was FREE for every fifth grader!

Teachers had great food to enjoy!

Second Day

Only one fifth grader was absent! (I hate strep!)

Our non-testing students were SO RESPECTFUL to the fifth graders.

Breakfast was FREE for every fifth grader!

Teachers had more great food to enjoy!

Make Up Day

The one absent student WAS BACK and took the missed portion of the assessment.

Parents were respectful of the testing time on campus and students were not interrupted. Thank you for helping us ROCK the whole week!!

I have to also brag a bit about the behaviors and learning that took place on several field trips this past week. Thanks goes to teachers and parents for helping students be ready for off campus learning. 4th and 5th grade students ventured to off campus venues to learn more about the Civil War period (5th grade) and more about nature at the Ft. Worth Botanic Gardens (4th grade.) In both instances, the arts were incorporated. We find ways to celebrate the arts everywhere we go!

This week is going to be a fantastic week on campus. PLEASE check the calendar below for so much to be aware of. You do not want to miss out on "Texas Reads One Book," a PTO fundraiser night at Villa DiAnna and $2 "Out of Uniform" Day, the production of "Summer Camp," Bobcat Pride Breakfast, Hawaiian Day, and the "Be Healthy Burleson 5K/10K/Fun Walk. Too much to just remember so coordinate your family calendar with our campus calendar.

In closing let me encourage you to encourage your child every morning to do their BEST in everything they do each day. At the end of the day, ask them specifically what their BEST looked like.

Grateful for all we have and looking forward to getting this week started,

Mrs. Burchfeld


Please join us at Centennial High School this Thursday evening for a wonderful musical/ theatrical collaborative production of Summer Camp. Whether your child is performing or not, it will be well worth the time with your family. Our Fine Arts staff and students have worked hard to create a fun filled night of talent.
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Rehearsal Time is Learning Time - So Worth the Work

Attendance Achievement

Congratulations, fourth grade families. Your attendance was the best on our campus last week at 97.78%. Wow! Our overall attendance was at 96.64%! Thanks for all you do to get your child to school each day and on time. It matters to us all.

3rd time is a charm so Thursday will be out of uniform day for fourth graders!!


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For those new to the Academy of the Arts at Bransom, I wanted to let you know about something super special we do each year about this time. We participate in the TEXAS READS ONE BOOK campaign. Every student on our campus will receive the book, The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary on Monday. We will listen to Coach Jason Garrett read the first chapter to the student body via video. Then for two weeks we ask you and your child to take time to read a chapter together each school night. Believe it or not it is fun to be read to. Even 5th graders love it. The time spent together is the BEST.

Teachers will take each day to talk about the happenings from the book and even predict upcoming happenings. It provides great conversations with people from all across the campus. We are hopeful that you and your family will take the time to read together. It will benefit your whole family.

One final note, there is a 5 question survey produced by the organizers of the program. Click below to take part. Thanks!

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Reading Tip of the Week for Parents from Mrs. Jackson

10 Ways to Improve Reading Fluency

1. Read aloud to children to provide a model of fluent reading.

2. Have children listen and follow along with audio recordings.

3. Practice sight words using playful activities.

4. Let children perform a reader’s theater.

5. Do paired reading.

6. Try echo reading.

7. Do choral reading.

8. Do repeated reading.

9. Practice chunking words and phrases.

10. Have your students do a lot of reading – at a level they can read independently.


H.E.B is offering a $150 gift card to any school willing to help them recycle plastic bags. Wow! They are willing to pick up all of the collected plastic bags if we will just collect them. SO... during the week of April 23-27, we will be collecting all of the plastic bags we can get our hands on. Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22 which will be a great kick-off to our campaign. But YOU can start today. Save the plastic bags you would recycle yourself and send them to school with your child beginning April 23rd. We will be counting the bags and preparing them for the HEB pick up on Friday. If anyone is interested in stopping by once a day and count the bags, let us know. I have a feeling we will keep you busy all week.


Receiving MONEY for P.E. Equipment Can't Be More Simple

Join us for the upcoming "Be Healthy BISD" 5K/10K/FunRun next Saturday. Students will sign in at City Hall and the school with the most participants wins money - $500. I am sure Mrs. Moore will spend that money to help your child be healthier than ever before.

Register for a race at

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This Week:

Monday: Dance Club starts today for all paid participants; Texas Reads One Book Kick-Off for all students and staff (The Mouse and the Motorcycle); Artistic Motion Dance Academy Club begins (Kinder-2nd Grade); "Summer Camp" Tech Rehearsal

Tuesday: PTO Villa Dianna Fundraiser ALL DAY; $2 PTO "Out of Uniform" for Teachers and Student (bring donation to school on Tuesday); "Summer Camp" Rehearsal

Wednesday: 4th & 5th Grade Field Day (bring necessary supplies)

Thursday: 4th Grade "Out of Uniform" day for attendance reward; 5th Graders visited by STEAM personnel; "Summer Camp" 4th & 5th Grade Drama at CHS @ 6:00

Friday: Bobcat Pride Breakfast; Dress for Hawaiian Day - Designated by Student Principal of the Day - Zane Boudreau

Saturday: Be Healthy Burleson 5K/10K/Fun Walk

Upcoming Calendar:

April 23-27: 2nd Grade Poetry Celebration; HEB Plastic Bag Recycling Week

April 24: Kindergarten Round-Up 2:00-6:00 in the cafeteria

April 25: Kindergarten to Casa Manana to see "Beauty and the Beast" (9:15-12:15)

May 1: BISD Literacy Fair at BHS Library from 6-8 (Come and Go)

May 3: BISD Ranger Texas Night

May 4: Volunteer Breakfast

May 7-11: Teacher Appreciation Week

May 9: National School Nurse Day

May 13: Mothers' Day

May 14: 3rd & 4th Grade Math STAAR; 5th Grade Math Retake if Necessary

May 15: 3rd & 4th Grade Reading STAAR; 5th Grade Reading Retake if Necessary; PTO Fresco's Spirit Night; Kindergarten Graduation at CHS at 6:00

May 16: 5th Grade Science STAAR

May 17: 5th Grade Splash Station

May 18: 2nd Grade "Kids Who Care - Earth and Soul" Field Trip 9:00-2:00; Bluebonnet Reward Field Trip 10:00-1:30

May 19: Citywide Character March at 9:00AM followed by City on a Hill Festivities

May 21: 2nd Grade Awards @ 8:15AM; 4th Grade Awards @ 1:00

May 22: Math Bee Competition @8:30
May 23: Bobcat Pride Breakfast; 1st Grade Awards @ 8:15 AM; 5th Grade Awards at CHS; 5th Grade Dance at AAB

May 24: Bransom Field Day for Kinder-3rd Grade

May 25: End of 6th -Weeks Grading Period; Last Day of School: Early Dismissal (11:45)

May 28: Memorial Day

May 29: Teacher Workday; BHS Graduation

May 30: CHS Graduation

May 31: Crossroads Graduation

June 11: School Board Meeting

June 21: 1st Day of Summer
June 26: 5th Grade Math STAAR Retake (if necessary)

June 27: 5th Grade Reading STAAR Retake (if necessary)

Remember to stay in contact with your child's teacher for grade level/class events.

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