Glory Be

Courtney McCoy


The summary of the book is about these 2 kids named Frankfurt Smith and Glory Hemphill 11 and 12 year old live. One day Glory went to the library where Mrs. Bloom works and met this girl named Laura and Laura's mom works for the doctor. They worked at the library together and did almost everything together, One day Jesslyn was going to Memphis, Tennessee to go to Elvis Presley's house and Glory is going unexpectedly with them. When Jesslyn and her guy friend, Robbie find out she is going with them they are mad. On July1, 1964 Frankie, Jesslyn, and Glory find a 'closed pool' sign on the pool gate. It made them mad and it was almost Glory's birthday. Glory has her birthday at the pool every year. On the 4th of July they said that the pool would be open. That was Glory's birthday! When they could not swim at the pool they helped Mrs. Bloom at the Thank You party she had in the library.

The genre was....

Historical Fiction

Conflict Analasis

The book I read was Glory Be by Augusta Scatter good. This book is about these 2 kids that get in fights the make up and they always hangout together. In the middle of the book Glory thinks that Frankie put the sign up that said the pool was closed. This is character vs. character. During the conflict, Frankie is telling her about the pool closing way before it even closes. This is conflict because Frankie and glory were arguing that Frankie did put the pool closed sign up;which he didn't!Another example is when Jesslyn gets mad that glory went o Elvis's house with Jesslyn and her boyfriend.This is conflict because they are yelling and screaming at each other. At the end of the book, Glory and Jesslyn became best sisters and Glory and Frankie found out that the city council put the "pool closed" sign up.