acquired vs inherited

this is the radiance between inherited and acquired traits

inherited is were u got it threw genes like eye color or skin color acquired is were u got it threw life like talking and reading

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eyes arent the only inherited traits there is height and freckles and hair color there is a slight chance that u will have blue eyes the brown eye trait is dominate and there is a better chance of u getting green eyes than blue
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normally Ur eyes dont look like this so dont exspect a baby with these types of eyes these are contacts they can change brown eyes to purple


how tall ur parents r can change how tall u r it also kinda goes back to ur grandparents or ur great grandparents if there 6,5 and ur parents r close to that then u will be around there to
freckles and er lobs and theirs a thing that goes with ur thum is inherited and other stuff like that is inherited to
there is a thing called learned traits they r things like being good a sport or being good at swimming those things r learned