El Chapo

By Joshua Ahmed

El Chapo: The early years

Joaquin Guzman was believed to be born in Badiraguato, Mexico. He founded the Sinaola cartel in 1989 after his family kicked him out of his house. It eventually became a major drug operation and well known for its illegal activities. He quickly adopted the nickname "El Chapo" and became the owner of a vastly growing drug empire. By the 1990's Guzman was rising to power and he wasn't the only one noticing. He was on the radar of the DEA and the FBI. Soon everybody would know about this soon to be drug lord. One of the reasons Guzman became so efficient and powerful was his cartels ability to smuggle. His cartel could sneak narcotics and other substances across the border without being seen.

Dear El Chapo

I have seen you on T.V. and I just wanted to ask, how do you do what you do? How do you escape a Mexican prison twice after being captured? I have to say you are so impressive in doing the illegal things you do. I've been wondering why you started a drug cartel and why you don't just stop with all the money you have. You are one of the most powerful men in the world. There is no need to keep up these acts of injustice. I mean, I get that people get power hungry and greedy and that's why they keep doing it but, its getting you in a lot of trouble. And now you've snuck into the U.S.!!! I know that you had a rough up bringing but its still not a good business to get yourself involved in. But I have to give you props for continuing to grow despite getting captured by authorities Anyways, thanks for hearing me out.

From: Anonymous


EL chapo has a wife and many children. Including 5 sons and 7 daughters. He doesn't have strong ties with his parents considering the fact that they kicked him out of the house. He also has a loving wife, Emma Coronel Aispuro, continues to defend him against all of the odds against her husband. He also has many family members that can take after the cartel if El Chapo somehow gets imprisoned for life or is killed.

What is El Chapo's rank in society

He was once ranked Chicago's public enemy # 1. He is commonly know as a dangerous criminal and has the unfortunate honor of being branded as one of the most dangerous men in the world. Any chance the authorities get a tip on his location they do everything in their power to bring him down. He has been on the wishlists of the FBI, DEA, and Mexican authorities. Not to mention all of the other governments that would love to have him captured. He has been taken into custody numerous times and continues to be on the lamb.

Interview with El Chapo

"lets get started. I am your host Mike Hunt hear with my special guest Joaquin Guzman, better known as, EL CHAPO!!!!!! So lets get started."

Q: "Have you ever been to the U.S.?"

A: "Yes, twice actually, California."
Q: "Have you ever been taken into custody?"
A: "Yes, on multiple occasions. Mostly in Mexico."
Q: "What kind of crime are you involved in?"
A: " I am in the drug business. I also involve myself in contraband."

Q:"Why do you do what you do."
A:"I don't know, I guess I just struck oil and I am drilling for more. Everybody wants more than they can have."

Q:"How does it feel to be branded as a "public enemy #1?"
A:"well, with what I do, its not a big surprise considering the line of work i'm in."

"That will do it for today's interview. Thank you for joining us."

Poem: El chapos chapo.


Why did you get arrested.


Why did you get convicted.


Why are you so bad.


Why did you make Trump mad.


Why do you say things that are not true.


And you end up getting screwed.

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El Chapos power

El Chapo has been marked as one of the most dangerous and most powerful man in the world. He has continued to grow despite getting captured and arrested. El Chapo will continue to be one of the most powerful druglords in history.