Tomie dePaola

By:Taylor Anderson

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Here is a little something about my Author

Tomie dePola was born in Meriden, Connecticut in 1934. When he was about 4 he wanted to become a writer and an illustrater. He has won 5 awards for how great his books are they are the-Caldecott Medal, John Newbery Medal, Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal, and the Regina Medal. He has premiered in the movie Charlie Needs a Cloak.

Summarization of Research

Tomie dePaola is an Authour that writes books for children because he really enjoys writing and drawing for kids. He also enjoys making art for children too. He also illustrates his own books.

Summarization of the Synthesize Document

Characters: All of the charecters care for each other and are friendly. In Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs the characters show how they are friendly and caring by, there is a little boy named Tommy. He loves his grandmother and great-grandmother very much. Nana Upstairs is very old so she stays in bed most of the day besides when she has to use the bathroom or when she eats. Nana Downstairs is younger than Nana Upstairs so Nana Downstairs takes care of Nana Upstairs most of the time. Even though Tommy is only four years old he goes to Nana Downstairs house every Sunday and helps take care of Nana Upstairs too. Tommy's mother came in one morning when tommy woke up and she said "Nana Upstiars died last night" "What's died? Tommy asked" 'died' means that Nana Upstairs won't be here anymore," Mother answered. The next morning they went to Tom and Nana Downstairs house, though it was not sunday. Tommy ran up the back stairs and ran upstairs to Nana Upstairs room and the bed was empty. In the next book A New Barker In The House this book is all about caring and being friendly to each other. Because when Mama and Papa adopted the little boy that shows caring for others. When Marcos came into their family the twins were happy that they were going to have a new brother. When Marcos arived they were happy and they wanted Marcos to play with their toys. For example Morgie wanted him to play with his dinosaurs, and Moffie wanted Marcos to play with her dolls . The book Snip, Snip, Little Lambs shows caring because when the Little Lambs got hair cuts they were sad because they could not go play in the snow because of their spring hair cuts. So Granny sheep did something really nice for the three little sheep. She stayed up all night and knited them sweaters for tomarrow so they could play in the snow.

writing style

writing style: In all of Tommie dePaola's books the writing style is about the relationships that are between the characters. In Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs the writing style is all about being nice and caring for others. Here is an example he related Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs to his own personal life. In Snip Snip Little Lambs this story is all about caring for other. For example Granny lamb stayed up all night and knitted the 3 Lambs sweaters. This allows them to not get cold and still play outside. In A New Barker In The House is all about caring and being friendly for others because Mama and Papa adopted a little boy. That shows caring for others because it shows that you care that kids don't have homes. Also it shows caring and being friendly. When Marcos got there the twins wanted to play with Marcos and were excited to show Marcos around.

I read Nana Upstairs and Nana Downstairs, A New Barker In The House, and Snip, Snip Little Lambs

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Tomie dePaola: Why Reading is Important