Mrs. Grainger's Class Updates



We are excited to start our first BIG science study unit this week on space. The official title of our unit is "Earth in the Universe". We are all very eager to learn about the sun, the moon, the earth and the stars in the universe. We may even learn some specifics about some of the other planets in our solar system! Today, we began talking about how the earth, moon and the sun interact with one another. We learned that it takes the earth one day to complete one rotation on its axis. We also learned that it takes the earth one year to make a full orbit around the sun. Have your student show you this neat website on what we learned today: Study Jams: A Day on Earth.

Technology Update:

Over the past week, we have been working with two new programs in the classroom. Last week in computer lab, the students learned how to create their own PowerPoint presentations which will be a valuable skill that we can use for the rest of the year. They are currently working on their first presentation which is going to be an "All About _______" slideshow. We are excited to learn more about our classmates!

Another new program we have been using is called Moby Max. Mrs. Specht has purchased a license for this website this year. All students have their own login and can practice math, reading, grammar, and spelling skills at home and at school. Sometimes we use Moby Max in the classroom on our ipads when we've finished all of our work. If you want your child to use Moby Max at home, go to They should all know their individual passwords and how to login.


  • Book Fair- October 19-23rd (Book buying nights are the 19th and 23rd only.)
  • Book Fair- dinner October 20 (see the note in your child's folder tomorrow)
  • End of the Grading Period - October 21
  • Fall Pictures - October 22
  • NO SCHOOL- October 26-27
  • 50th Day of School and Fall Party -October 30
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Did your students tell you about our power outage last week? One day, we lost power from 7am-9:30am which made for a very dark classroom. We don't have any windows in our classroom so when the power is out, it is DARK. The students got to work under "iPad moonlight" until we found another classroom to move to. Thank goodness for our iPads!

Fall Party

Friday, Oct. 30th, 1:30-2:15pm

Mrs. Grainger's classroom

Be on the lookout for more information in an email from our room moms about donating items for our Fall Party. We will be in need of volunteers too!