What's Happening at JPE?

Back to School!!

What does A, B, C, D mean?

Students will be grouped in categories this year as we open schools under Phase 2 Guidelines.

A = A 3rd - 5th grade student that attends school M, W, and every other Friday.

*Virtual Learning Days: T, Th, every other Friday.

First Day of school is Monday, August 10th.

B = A 3rd - 5th grade student that attends school T, Th, and every other Friday.

*Virtual Learning Days: M, W, every other Friday.

First Day of school is Friday, August 7th.

C = A PreK-5th student that will be learning 100% virtually. He or she will not come to campus at all. (More information below.)

D = A student that attends school 5 days/week.

First Day of school is Friday, August 7th.

*Pre-K Start Date - Monday, August 17th.

*K start dates are below.

D students – will receive a black lanyard. They can use this to hang their mask on so it will not fall on the floor when they are not wearing it. They will also get a gray/black tag for their book sack *This does not replace zip ties for bus color.

A students – Red Lanyard and red book sack tag.

B students – Royal Blue Lanyard and blue book sack tag.

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Who Is My Teacher?

Homeroom teachers will be calling A, B, C, and D students this week. Each teacher will tell you about Meet the Teacher and Supply Drive Thru. She will also ask about transportation and technology. If you have not gotten a phone call by Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm, please call the school office.

**Please note that teachers may call from a blocked number. Thank you!

Meet the Teacher

We will send out the Zoom Link to our parents through email for each grade level. If you have not updated your email address, please email rebecca.barnette@lpsb.org ASAP.

We will also be updating pictures/videos of our classrooms to our YouTube Channel so that you can see where your child will be learning this year.

Please plan to attend our Virtual Meet the Teacher on the following days:

Kindergarten -- 8/11 @ 4:00 pm

1st Grade -- 8/5 @ 4:00 pm

2nd Grade -- 8/3 @ 4:00 pm

3rd Grade -- 8/5 @ 5:30 pm

4th Grade -- 8/4 @ 4:00 pm

5th Grade -- 8/4 @ 5:30 pm

School Supply Drive Thru -- Wednesday, August 5th

On Wednesday, August 5th, first - fifth grade parents can drop off school supplies "drive thru" style. Please drive through our normal carpool line to drop off supplies.

All supplies should be in a large garbage bag with the student's name on it. Please check teacher websites to see what individual supplies need to be labeled.

At this time, you will be handed a student information packet. All forms must be filled out completely and returned with your child on his/her first day of school.

1st - 2nd Grade -- 9:00- 10:00 am

3rd - 5th Grade -- 10:00 - 11:00 am

*If you are unable to attend the listed times, please plan to bring supplies into the office. Please don't forget to pick up your packet.


All Kindergartners will come to campus to test (C and D students).

Testing day will look as follows:

-Parent/Adult bring children to school and wait in front office with child.

-K teacher will come to the office to get student from parent and will escort the student to the Library.

-Parent/Adult will wait in office during the student's testing.

-All teachers and testers will be in Library at separate tables testing.

-Teacher will escort student back to office to their adult.


-Supplies will be brought to school this day (Everything should be placed in 1 large trash bag with student's NAME on this bag).

-Nap mat may be separate and MUST be labeled with student's name.

Kindergarten Start Dates:

Wednesday, August 12 -- K Boys attend

Thursday, August 13 -- K Girls attend

Friday, August 14 -- All K attends

100% Virtual Option Details

**If you are interested in the 100% Virtual Option for your student, you MUST contact Mrs. Kennedy this week.

Bus Information

Bus drivers will be contacting parents next week. They will let you know about pick up and drop off times. JPE bus drivers:

Denise Basham - Purple Bus

Jeffery Battaglia - Red Bus

Shantel Green - Jag and Green Bus

Suzette Hedrick - Gray Bus

Bridgess Heintze - Blue Bus

Stephanie Hoyt -- Pink and Orange Bus

JPE Office Staff

The JPE office staff is the best on the planet! We are all eager to help you and your child have the best year yet!

Becca Barnette and Tammy Chauvin are our secretaries. They are usually the first faces you see as you enter JPE.

Brooke Smith is our school nurse. She can assist families with medications and health questions.

Jeannie Vicari is our school counselor. Ms. Vicari teaches lessons on character and kindness and helps our Jags (students and parents) with any social or emotional needs.

Brandy Melancon is our Instructional Coach. She assists in all things curriculum at JPE. She works daily with students and teachers to ensure high quality instruction!

Lauren Kennedy and Pam Masters are the leaders of the Jag Family. They know that each Jag is important and vital the success of JPE!