She's the man vs Twelfth nights

Mitt chang

The main ideas of two story

Viola for any reason decided to dress to her brother Sebastian. with a good ralitionship with Duke both try to help Duke to get Olivia and fall in love with Duke. At the end when Duke realize the truth about Viola they decided to be the couple and the happy ending.

"i will be my brother Sebastian" said Viola

the same:

the main purpose of both file are the changing characters and the difficulty of be another gender.

the whole story are around Olivia fall in love with Viola dress in Sebastian and duke loved the Olivia but Viola loves Duke. the funny story around tree main character and the misunderstanding of each other.

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"I am as good as boys" (she's the man).

the difference:

the purpose of two Viola to be Sebastian are not the same one is try to survive and one is try to prove girl can be as good as men.

the funny character in twelfth nights like Feste did not show up in the "She's the man".

she's the men is the comedy more in acting, the twelfth nights more in speaking.

the Viola:she's the man vs twelfth nights.


both of the Viola dress into the Sebastian, loved by the Olivia but fall in love with duke.

at the end they both shows the real Viola to Duke and happily be together with Duke forever.

the purpose about two films are around hiding the secret of the gender.


the "she's the man" Viola dress like Sebastian because she want to prove boys are not better than women in sports.

the "twelfth nights" Viola is because she afraid of being unequal treated because she is not a guy. and think Sebastian is dead willing to live under the name forever.

The Duke: twelfth nights vs she's the man


Both Duke love Olivia because of her beauty. and ask the friend/ servant Viola(Sebastian) to help to get the Olivia. when both Duke find out Olivia fall in love with Viola they really made and feel betrayed. but after they realize the true Viola they decide to be with Viola instead of Olivia.

the both Duke are a higher level class of people one is king one is leader of soccer team.


there are not much different between two Dukes but one is more like a young person the other is more like a adult(twelfth nights).


Duke:" Tis not so sweet now as it was before O spirit of love! how quick and fresh art thou,notwithstanding thy capacity Receiveth as the sea, nought enters there, Of what validity and pitch soe'er.(the twelfth nights)" this kind of shows he a little bit too perfect in the feeling of love

Viola:"I'll do my best To woo your lady: Aside yet a barful strife! Whoe'er i woo, myself would be his wife.(the twelfth nights)" this quote clearly shows that Viola fall in love with Duke and willing to to anything for him.

Olivia: "Methinks I feel this youth's perfections With an invisible and subtle stealth To creep in at mine eyes.(the twelfth nights)" it shows Olivia instead say yes to duke but choose the Viola.

The Comedy ladder: She's the man

Low Comedy: a example of this will be the girl will a braces and said to Duke "I will be your best lab partner ever."

Farce: during the practice of soccer, the Viola got hit in the place that all men will have a huge pain. she first do not know what to react then comes up with a crazy screaming will be a good example.

Comedy of Manners: Viola "acting" like a girl to help Duke to learn how to talk to girls.

Comedy of Ideas: Viola's mom think she is not lady like. In the eating of the girls table it clearly show this.