BEST MOM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Special Mother"s Day Gift


Have you heard about the best mom ever? Here is why she is the best. My mom’s name is LeeAnn Neal. In the morning at 6:30am., she always makes me breakfast. After that, she pack my lunch because if I packed my lunch, I would have a lot of sugary stuff in my lunch box. She always makes sure I have all the stuff and I am ready for school. She is nice, caring, loving, and beautiful. My mom always keeps me safe and plays with me. She also always washes my clothes because if she did not do that I would have dirty clothes all year. At 5:00pm., she makes my dinner ever night. If I have homework, she always helps me when I need help. Also, when she got a new phone she let me have it. Finally, she is very athletic. So, she played basketball, coached basketball, golf, and tennis. So, if you are looking for someone athletic, you can choose my mom. That was why she is special and the best mom ever!!!!!!!!!