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Newsletter 2016-17

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About Us

Sant Singaji Educational Society (SSES) was established in 2010, with a view to create social and economic transformation in one of the most backward areas of the country, i.e. Sandalpur, District Dewas Madhya Pradesh (Gondwana area of Madhya Pradesh)

Opportunity: The problem SSISM is addressing

Rural youth is a vast pool of untapped potential. Sadly, bright girls are made to sit at home, after school, due to rampant gender discrimination. Lack of awareness, prevailing social norms, etc. act as major deterrents for access of GIRLS to higher education. Worthless degrees are purchased at a great price from dubious operators, increasing the number of unemployable youth.

In a 70-km radius of Sandalpur, the number of students passing 12th Standard exceeds 8,000 annually. Rural India is devoid of quality educational institutions and good teachers. Affluent rural youth go to nearby cities for education. Unable to cope up with the medium (English) and the lifestyle, they return to their villages to join the ranks of unemployed youth, often getting into illegal activities. SSES seeks to address this problem.

Vision 2025

By 2025, Sant Singaji Educational Society will be imparting holistic education to 15000 students ata given point of time. The area will be known by “Singaji Educational Village”.

SSES will be able to have positive social impact on society leading towards socio-economic transformation of rural India.

Selection in Azim Premji University - MA in Education

This Year too 2 of our brilliant students have been selected in national level selection of APU. Congratulations to Asharam Bhavsar and Deepak Rajput. They have made huge efforts to get selected. Congratulations to both of them.

Asharam Bhavsar

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Success of Babita Panwar

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Singaji Prakalp Scholarship Exam 2017

SSISM is now planning to take bigger and bolder strides to achieve its Vision 2025, which is to bring socio-economic transformation of rural Madhya Pradesh. Some of the key elements of this Vision are- building our capacity to provide education to 15,000 students by 2025; building residential facilities for our students; venturing into related areas such as school education, skill development, adult education, entrepreneurship development, software development and farming; launching social outreach programmes etc.

This big and bold vision can only be possible with young enthusiastic students. We conducted a scholarship exam of students from around 100 villages to identify the brilliant and needy students with potential to be groomed and coached for their better future.

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Visits of Mr. Pramod Kulkarni - Founder Sathi & Prerna

Mr. Pramod Kulkarni, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and the founder of Social Organisations Sathi ( & Prerna( visited our institute and encouraged our students and team.

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Project Sankalpna

With a vision to educate our students by supporting them with advance farming techniques, we have initiated Sankalpna Project (One Hectare Project) at SSISM Sandalpur along with Respected Deepak Suchde Sir. Idea is to showcase to 1000 students that 1 hectare of land can enable a family and give them earning upto 4 Lakhs per annum. The model is based on teachings of Late Prof. S. A.


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Youth Convention - Vivekananda Yuva Gaurav Diwas

On 31st January, 2017 a grand Youth Convention on the ideals of Swami Vivekananda was held in our Institute. Monks from Ramakrishna Mission - Swami Supradiptananda and Swami Urukramananda, Smt Bharati Thakur, founder of Narmadalaya (working with adivasi children) inspired the youth attendees. More than 2000 youth attended the Convention, where speech and quiz competitions were also held. 8000 booklets on lives and teachings of Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita were distributed among the attendees

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Sports Awards

This year many Students Participated in District Level & National Level University Sports Events
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Key Placements 2017

Placements are going on in 2017. Some of the key companies and organisations where our students have been placed.
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Year 2016-17

We started the year with the purpose and mission to continue our work in the field of higher education in rural Madhya Pradesh, learning from past experiences and building sure foundations for future progress. Together with regular teaching, we focus on building confidence, motivating students to take challenges, informing them about areas which they can explore on their own.

To bring about holistic development of students, the Institute pays adequate attention to academics, sports and other co-curricular activities; and placements and internships.

The Institute runs 8 undergraduate courses and 4 PG courses. These courses offer students the opportunity to graduate in the major streams like Science, Commerce and Arts.


We have courses in Computer Sciences – B.Sc. (CS) & BCA and biological sciences – B.Sc. (Biotechnology), B.Sc. & B.Sc. (Seed Technology).

Computer Sciences courses are the forte of our institute, with a high rate of enrollment of students. Rural people have come to realize the huge job opportunities in this sector and want their children to go for it. We have a team of 7 faculties who handle these courses. The teaching methodology involves a mix of classroom lectures, practical in Computer Lab where students learn programming and other relevant skills. In addition to this, students are also given projects where they have to work in teams and complete specific assignments. After college hours, some students stay back and they are given additional help to hone their IT skills.

In biological sciences, we offer 3 courses – specializing in biotechnology, microbiology and seed technology. These courses also attract a lot of students, in fact, in biotechnology and microbiology courses, girls outnumber boys. In addition to regular classroom lectures, practical experience is given with the help of indoor laboratory and outdoor activities also. We have a small area within our campus where students engage themselves in vegetable production.

Students are also taken to short visits in agricultural Universities and biotechnology companies. In January 2016, 12 students of B.Sc. Seed Technology visited Resham Kendra, Harda where they saw directly the process of production of silk.

Commerce and Management

With the growth of private sector in India and increase in banking, insurance and other financial and management services, there is a huge demand for well-trained commerce and management graduates. Therefore, SSISM offers both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in these disciplines. We have two undergraduate courses – B.Com. & B.B.A. and one post-graduate course - M.Com. As with other disciplines, we have classroom lectures as well as visits, trips and trainings to give holistic education to students.

Arts & Social Work

The Institute runs B.A. (Computer Applications) course which offers social sciences education together with basic IT skills. Students are taught social science subjects like Economics, Political Science etc together with a basic knowledge of computers.

In addition to this course, we also have MSW (Master of Social Work), which provides an opportunity to rural youth to become professional social workers. MSW students regularly engage in field work and have visited and interned in reputed NGOs in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Faculty Development Program at IIM Udaipur

The Institute organised a one-week visit of its faculties to IIM Udaipur in June 2016. The visit was aimed at giving our professors direct exposure to world class teaching and learning environment. During the visit, IIM professors took sessions on teaching and other professional skills necessary for the success of any organization

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Simhastha Survey by SSISM Students

In May 2016, SSISM undertook a one-month project in joint collaboration with Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Udaipur and Purdue University, USA. Under the project, the institute had to conduct a survey of pilgrims during Ujjain Simhasth 2016. The survey was conducted by students who formed 6 teams and surveyed around 12,000 Simhasth pilgrims in a period of one and a half months. The survey brought out crucial observations relating to management of mega events such as Simhasth.

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Talk given by Pranjal Dubey at Josh Talks

Why I Sold My House To Build A College | Pranjal Dubey

Visit to Sahyog Dairy

A group of 10 B.Sc.(Biotechnology) students with the concerned faculty went to visit the production unit of Sahyog Clean Milk Pvt. Ltd., a dairy company. It has a production unit near our institute. The students went there and met the HR head who gave an overview of the company. The students watched the various processes and functions carried out in the factory, like assembly department where milk from local producers is brought and collected, production department where different milk products are made. This visit motivated the students highly and some students also started regular internship with Sahyog dairy. Sahyog Dairy has given jobs to more than 15 students of SSISM

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FDP from Rajesh Bhat -Head Held High Bangalore

HHH is a very well known Bangalore based non-profit organization which has expertise in building English communication skills of youth. We entered into an agreement with HHH under which it agreed to provide English and soft skills training to our students. Its CEO, Mr. Rajesh Bhatt visited our institute and briefed them about the ways through which they can improve their spoken English skills. A team of 3 trainers of HHH started full-time training and teaching of students. We saw a marked improvement in students’ communication skills and confidence. HHH team also took Computer classes of students of our college students in the morning, before the starting of regular college hours. The HHH team also interacted with our faculties and sharpened their communication skills.

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Rang De Collaboration

SSISM has been in collaboration with Rang De, which is a Bangalore based non-profit organization and micro finance other NGOs. Our chairman, Mr. Pranjal Dubey, was invited by Rang De in Bangalore for a talk.

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Humanitarian Work By Students

Our students actively take part in various humanitarian causes. The NSS team of our college plays a leading role in this. Students cleaned the ghat of Narmada in Nemawar. They also saved an injured cow and a deer and handed them to appropriate government authorities.

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Goonj Collaboration

We have tied up with NGO Goonj Delhi to provide toys and stationary and other items to various aanganwadi's in our nearby villages through faculty and students.
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Presentation Skills Training

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Students preparing for Government Job's in Police and Army

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LetzChange Winners!!

Singaji Society won the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge 2016 !Our well-wishers supported us throughout the campaign and helped us win it. Thank You All. We hope that we get such encouragement and support from all of you in future as well.

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Induction Program - 1st year Students being welcomed

The Institute welcomed its first year students with a two-days Induction programme in July 2016. During the programme, first year students were welcomed in the college by senior students and several cultural functions like singing, dancing, poetry etc were organized by the senior students. First year students were also guided and counselled regarding their future prospects. The faculties and our Chairman and Director explained to students the importance of education and the need to invest their time and energy in education. Mr. Anjul Dubey, Vice-Chairman of the college held a motivational Skype-talk with the students from Pune.

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Dolly Maheshwari from BCA with happy parents after getting selected in TCS

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Virim Software Indore

Internship at Virim Software Indore. 30 students from our IT courses spent about a month on practical projects at Virim Software Indore.
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MSW Students Intership at Dilasa - Vidarbh Maharashtra

In February 2016, a team of 7 Master of Social Work (MSW) students went to Dilasa, which is an NGO working in rural Maharashtra on watershed management and other community development projects. They stayed and worked there for a period of 24 days. The students learned about watershed management systems, surveyed the nearby villagers collecting information about their problems and challenges.

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Organic Farming

Visit to 100 acre organic farm of Rajeev Bahety Ji to know details about latest farming techniques
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Internship of MSW students in Aasthagram, Khargone

Master of Social Work students also went to Aastha Gram Trust in Khargone district, Madhya Pradesh for a 10 days internship. The Trust runs schools and hospitals for disabled tribal children and works on inclusive education for these children. The students stayed there and participated in teaching assignments for these children. The internship was a very enriching experience for the students as they also learned teaching pedagogies for disabled children, sign languages for hearing and speech impaired children.

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Internship of MSW students in Mahan Trust, Melghat, Maharashtra

In November 2016, 10 MSW students together with one faculty went to Mahan Trust, which is an NGO working with tribal people in Melghat, Maharashtra. This NGO runs a hospital for tribal people who have no access to healthcare facilities as the area is hilly and thickly forested . The students formed different teams and worked in the various ongoing projects.

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National Lok Adalat

SSISM’s NSS team spread awareness about the National Lok Adalat which was conducted by the government on 12th November, 2016

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Household Survey by MSW students

Master of Social Work students designed and conducted a survey of households collecting socio-economic and educational data. This survey was conducted in 10 nearby villages in May and July 2016, covering around 600 households. The survey was sponsored by Parivar NGO, Kolkata and its founder Mr. Vinayak Lohani

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Singaji Premiere League 2016

Together with academics and various internships and training, the Institute also pays adequate attention to sports and co-curricular events for holistic development of students. Regular sports training are given to students by our Physical Education faculty.

In 2016, students have won district-level tournaments in many sports, and some of them have also been selected for Division and University level.


Deepti Tomar and Gautam Ankel were selected for University level in Chess.


Our girls Volleyball team won the district level competition. Further, 6 girls of this team were selected for Division level in Volleyball.

Among the boys, Siddharth Rana from B.Sc. Biotechnology, 2nd year was selected for University level in Volleyball


3 students – Rajat Upadhyay, Prabal Yadav and Vishal Shekhawat were selected for Division level in Cricket.


1 student – Ramphool Vishnoi, was selected for Division level in Kabaddi.

Indore Marathon

Vijay Yadav, our sports faculty and Ayush Yadav, first year student, participated in Indore Marathon organized by IIM Indore on 2nd October, 2016. They finished the race with 7th and 18th ranks.

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Long Term Plans

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Our Team

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