Native Americans

Troy Marcoux

  1. The united states government tried to but the Native Americans land for unfair prices.The government wanted the land for its riches.They also threatened to kill the Native Americans when they didn't take the money. The government made the Native Americans move to reservation.

  1. The US government killed the buffalo because they were in the way of the railroad.The government killed the buffalo to sell and make clothes out of there hide. The government killed the buffalo so the Native Americans can't survive and so they move to the reservations that the government assigned so they can live.The Native Americans need the buffalo to survive so the government figures that if they remove the buffalo that will get the Native Americans to move so the government can mine and do everything else they wanted to.

The Native Americans made their own clothing and their own houses using the buffalo hide and using the bones they made their own weapons so the Native Americans did not waste any part of the animal they killed and they only killed what they need to use for survival. Some Native American tribes also used horses

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