Health Departments

Kasie Sands

What is a health department?

A health department is a government operated system which provides affordable healthcare to it's citizens whether they are insured or not. Each county has its own health department in North Carolina.

Who do they hire?

Health departments hire mainly registered nurses, nurse practitioners and a limited amount of physician assistants. The Rockingham county health department does not have a M.D. on site; however, by law they are required to have a physician they keep contact with.

How is it financed?

The health department is paid for by medicaid, medicare and sometimes private premiums.

Services They Provide

  • Diagnosis and treat acute illness (sinus infections, ear infections, etc.)
  • Family Planning
  • Preventative Care / Educate the public
  • STD Screening
  • Immunizations
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Similar Businesses

Health departments are really hard to find similarities for because they operate directly under the government. Everything the department can do and everyone they can hire is dictated by the state. Looking at the type of the public that is generally served here there is only really one place that can be deemed as similar; Student health centers in public schools.