Experts I admire... aka Pastors :)

I'm passionate about studying the bible and spreading love!!

Judah Smith

Judah Smith is a big pastor in New York! He is from a family with 7 generations of pastors. Smith grew up watching his father start The City Church for about 20 years before he took over the pastoral role. I look up to him because he decides to spread circles of love instead of lines of division. He may pastor my favorite singer, Justin Bieber, but I want to someday spread as much joy and love and this man does to people all around the globe!!

Art Garcia

Art Garcia has been my youth pastor since I was in 7th grade. He comes from a background of divorced parents, drugs, and alcohol. I have never said that someone gives me such an inspiration to be me. Art is so real and true to himself and isn't afraid to say he's made mistakes. His humbleness is what I strive for and want to attribute.

Gene Appel

Gene Appel is head pastor at Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim! He has be serving under the lord for about 40 years. I really really look up to this man because he has so much faith in what he does. Our current project in the church is to raise about a million dollars to start 4 Eastside campuses around so-cal by the end of 2018. He has put so much heart and thought into this. I aspire to one day have so much faith like Gene to where I have no more stress.
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