Biography of Clara Lewandoske

By: Suzi Seaton

Being a Nurse

Being a nurse was a demanding job but she loved it. She had been a nurse for four years by the time the United States went into World War I. Once the U.S. went into war, she wanted to enlist into the war being a nurse. She served in France and was in the Army Nurse Corps as a lieutenant. Even though she had to see things that were not pretty in the ward, she fought through.
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Overcoming Obstacles

She had many obstacles she had to overcome. She had to see so many men from different countries who were badly wounded. From working in the Jaw Ward and seeing so many horrific sites. To seeing President Woodrow Wilson and General Pershing come in the ward and being horrified by what they saw. She had to work on patients who were facially disfigured to people who didn't have a limb. Each time she saw a patient, she was reminded of the effects of high-powered weaponry.

During a Surgery

During a surgery of a soldier being facially disfigured, she was so horrified of it, that she had to leave. Without knowing, she walked out with her gloves still on her. With whipping tears on her face, she was getting blood from the patient all over her face. She then realized that she was having a blood transfusion. She then was starting to have the effects of it. Then she fell to the ground unable to call for help. After an hour, her friend Ruth found her. She then was pronounced dead 20 minutes later.
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Back Home

The body of Clara Lewandoske was flown back home to her family in Wisconsin. Her whole family were deeply saddened by her passing. The week before, her family received a letter that one of her brothers had died in the War.
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