Student-Teacher Partnership


Assessments are in place to help students be successful learners. As teachers we have to make sure that our students are learning the material that is being taught and that they are able to move on to other goals. Lopez’s quote and statement have made me realize the importance of assessments. As a teacher our main focus should be on the students and making sure that they are developing properly for their age group. The information gathered by assessments is important in making sure that the students are learning and on their level.


The 4 questions under “Defending our Assessment Practices” help you gain more information about assessments. It can help you determine if the assessment being used will be useful in understanding and knowing the development of the students. You also will be able to determine if the assessment is effective. I would use these questions by making sure that I am able to answer them and understand the answers. I would make sure that I have proper information on how to use assessments and the information gathered from it to help students learn. By keeping these questions in mind, I believe that there will be more success with the use of assessments in my practice.


I would love to be an effective teacher and make sure that my students are comfortable during an assessment. I like the way Lopez explains it in Chapter 8 by talking to the students and letting them know how long the assessment is, that is it is not for a grade, and what will be done with the results (Lopez, 2013). I think that this will help build a success partner in assessment with my students. I think that I will fail with assessments if I just call the students and say, “Read this passage”, and not go into detail or why I need them to complete the task. The child may become nervous or have anxiety. You want your students to gain a sense of trust with you and know that you have their best interest at heart.