Staff Weekly

Published August 25, 2019

Upcoming PLCs

Let's shoot for 2nd, 5th, 7th for these meetings.

Tuesday: Gifted Meetings with Erin

Thursday: Behavior Data Review with James/Nikki (UA during 1st)


Tuesday: Green Team Math/Reading Data Review

Wednesday: Orange Team Math/Reading Data Review

Thursday: Tutorial Placement Session

We will then plan to start Tutorial the following week. PLCs that week will focus on collaborative planning with Stacie and your teams.

School Safety Audit

On Tuesday your kids will take the school safety survey and so will you. We want everyone in the building to take it at the same time during Tutorial. Students, classified, and certified employees. THE LINK IS ON THE BALLY STAFF SITE 1ST 13 DAYS PAGE.

Please check this sign-up for and sign up for an interview slot as a staff member during one of your planning periods on October 8th. Many thanks!!

Team Leader Meeting

We do have a team leader meeting on August 28th from 2:45-3:30pm in Traci Barton's room. Traci shared the agenda.


Welcome to Krista Brassine!! Krista joins our 7th grade green team as a social studies teacher. We're thrilled to have her.

Student Update

Austin Bringer, 8th grader, was involved in a car accident while skateboarding last week. He had surgery on his leg to repair an open fracture. He is now healing and we hope to see him soon.

Cameron Ward is a 6th grader whose brother, Gavin (a former student of Bally) was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Cameron does not know that his brother is terminal, but he does know that his brother is ill. 6th grade teachers, Cam is typically an emotional kiddo anyway but don't hesitate regardless to let him see a counselor if he's having a rough day.

Monday Meetings

Tutorial: Sped Team to look at running records

2nd Period: 8th grade students full grade meeting with principals, counselors, SRO, coach

5th Period: 7th grade students full grade meeting with principals, counselors, SRO, coach

7th Period: 6th grade students full grade meeting with principals, counselors, SRO, coach

2:45pm: Faculty Circle in front lobby

Tuesday Info

  • Palmer and Bowles at ILP Training from 9-12.
  • James at Tier 3 Hearing from 9:30-10.
  • Gifted PLCs

Picture Day is Wednesday. We are taking all photos through science courses.

Thursday Info

  • Morning Bus Evacuations
  • Kocin Formative w/Bowles at 1pm
  • Home Volleyball game vs. Camp Ernst
  • Behavior PLCs

Friday Info

  • Erika at Camp Ernst at 8:30am for meeting
  • Dailey Formative w/Bowles at 1pm