Beliefs of Milennials

Millennials believe that after one thousand years of universal peace there will be a tribulation, a seven year period, when the Antichrist will come and take power. The Antichrist will provoke a war wherein most of the people on Earth will die. This war is God pouring out his anger, hatred and wrath onto the people. However Millennialism is interpreted many ways. Some people believe it is not even exactly one thousand years but a long period of time. The war and death are interpreted as actual future events, or as a symbolic message, or even something that already happened a millennium ago. However the main thing of Millennialism is that the apocalypse is coming.

The origin and Leaders of Millennialism


William Miller was one of the most prominent leaders of Millenialism. He gained many followers by predicting the date of the second coming (October 21, 1844).

Joshua V. Himes was also an important leader he met William Miller and soon believed in the second coming of Christ. He published and edited the first Millerite Newspaper, pamphlets on Millerim, many of William Miller's lectures, and the first millerite calendar. He later started a newspaper Midnight Cry which brought Millennialism to many peoples attention.


The place that Millennialism or Millerism originated was the "burned-over" district in upstate New York, where Miller was from. This was the epicenter for the spread of Millerism. It was where Miller preached and published his sixteen articles on his beliefs and principals of Millerism and his opinions on the religion he basically created.

The Millerite Movement & the Biblical Calendar