Battle of the Bulge

By Brandon Lembeck

What was it

The Battle of the Bulge was a great battle fought in the forest in Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. It was fought from 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945. The battle had a great effect on the war as it was the last major battle before the Germans lost the war.
Big image
This shows the Allie men marching into the woods before the fight. Also it shows what type of weather they had to go through.

What happened

The Battle was fought between the Allies and the Germans. The battle was one of the largest battles fought in the war, there was around 80,000 Allies and around the end of the battle there was around 600,000. The Germans had around 200,000 in the beginning and at the end, there was around 500,000 Germans. A total of 190,000 men were ether killed or wounded, 90,000 of them were Allies and 1000,000 Germans. This was one of the last major offensives of the war.
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This photo shows a line of men in the middle of a battle. Also this painting shows what type of hard ships the men went through,

Major Fighting

The Battle of the Bulge had some key points within the battle. One of the key points was the crossroads and the town of Bastogn. In this small town there was the 705 tank destroyer and the 101st airborne 705 Tank Destroyer Battalion arrived, and on the 19th the 101st Airborne. The Germans before they attacked the town sent a message to the Allies demanding there surrender. The Allies brigadier General Anthony McAuliffe responded with one word "Nuts". The town was then shelled and bombed for days. The men lasted until the Germans ran out of momentum and fuel pushing them back.
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This shows two men in a fox hole shooting. Also it shows how hard the fighting was in this battle.

Before the Battle

Before the battle the Germans were losing ground and were on there last stand, for there final push they decided to send everything they had at the US men, trying to brake them any way they could.