New Holiday Sale!Motor Wheelbarrows

At Maddie's Hardware! FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!!!!


From black Friday all the way to Christmas eve we will have our glorious line of NEW motor wheelbarrows. All wheelbarrows in the store will be $10.00 or less!

What were selling!

We are selling Wheelbarrows! Wheelbarrows are a type of levers. With the Effort at one end. The Load in the middle. Finally The pivoting point or Fulcrum! Look closer kids. You can See what the three first letters of Effort, Load, Fulcrum spell! ELF! You can remember it easier! Also they belong to second class which has a bunch of other things we don't need to mention! Anyway, COME NOW THIS IS LIMITED TIME ONLY! GET IT WHILE IT LASTS!!!!!! BTW THESE ARE MOTOR WHEELBARROWS!!!!!!!

When and where

Thursday, Dec. 24th, 11:45pm

Maddie's hardware Washington Mo.

Come to Maddie's Hardware store! To get a custom motor wheelbarrow!!!