Apps for Parents

How to Get Them & Use Them to Support Student Success

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Available Apps & What They Do

You rely on your cell phone for so many things, but did you know you can use it to monitor how your children are doing in school? We encourage you to use the PowerSchool and Schoology apps to support their learning. There are 3 apps available to support your student's success. Here is a quick list of them and what they do. Use the headings in the rest of this newsletter to easily find the information you need for how to install and use each app.



Overall average in class (official grades)

Individual grades for each assignment (official grades)

Comments posted for each assignment

*copies of all CCPS-wide emails sent to parents - including Schoology sign up info


Your student's assignments

Class materials and handouts

Class recordings

Grades (on individual assignments; official report card grades are in PowerSchool)


Information from all the schools your children attend (in one feed)

Direct communication from the district office & superintendent

School cash accounts

Bus information

Meal information

Sports schedules

Book checkout (elementary level only)

PowerSchool integration (displays best on a desktop computer)

Apps Overview

Parent Apps

PowerSchool App: Getting Started

PowerSchool App Getting Started

PowerSchool App: How To Use It

PowerSchool App How To Use


Access Information on All Your Children in One Place

Each student has a different code, but you can add all your children to your account. When you first log in, use one student code, and then add the others once you are in the app. The video will show you how.

Schoology App: Getting Started

Schoology App Getting Started For Parents

Schoology App: How To Use It

Schoology Using The App

Create a Parent Schoology Account on a Computer

Here is a copy of the letter you should have received from school. You can contact your student's school in order to get the information you will need to set up your account and follow the directions in this document.

This is what you need.

1. Unique parent access code

2. Student ID

3. Parent ID

How to Create a Parent Schoology Account

Schoology: Use a Computer to Access the Website Version

Schoology Parent Portal


Accessing Information for All Your Children

When you log in using your Parent ID and password, you should see all your children automatically. If not, contact the school as your contact information might be different for different students and will need to be updated.

CCPS App: Getting Started

CCPS App Intro

CCPS App: How To Use It


CCPS App Integration with PowerSchool

You can access PowerSchool through the CCPS app. However, the PowerSchool App displays the information in a more user-friendly view. The PowerSchool website is even better. For more information about using the PowerSchool integration within the CCPS app, please see this video.

Need Some Help?

Need Some Extra Help?

Please contact your student's school for help first.

If the school is unable to resolve your issue, please submit a Technology Help Desk Request and someone will be in touch to help you within a day or two.