Friday Focus

St. George Episcopal Lower School

Multi-tasking is hard!

All the juggling you have done these past few weeks is about to pay off. The coffees are upon us. Thank you all so much for all the patience, perseverance, and hard work and not dropping the ball!

Looking Forward

October 19-23

  • MONDAY - 1:00 Bowen and 2:00 Kee Coffees, Lunches in MS courtyard
  • TUESDAY - 8:30 Meiske, 9:45 Belitzer, 10:45 Fisher, 1:00 Reddick, 2:00 Estringel Coffees, Lunches in MS courtyard
  • WEDNESDAY - 8:30 Long, 9:45 Lopez, 10:45 Cabello, 1:00 Flaig, 2:00 Jones Coffees, Lunches in MS courtyard, Faculty Meeting @3:30 in St. John Room
  • THURSDAY - 8:30 Bostian, 9:15 Dickie, 10:00 Harrison, 10:45 Perry, 1:00 Myers, 2:00 Gerald Coffees, Lunches in MS courtyard
  • FRIDAY - Spirit Day, 8:30 Sirianni, 9:15 Willis, 10:00 Urbanowski Coffees, Lunches in MS courtyard

Upcoming Dates

October 25 - Happy Birthday, Shannon!

October 26 - Red Ribbon Week "Sock It To Drugs" (crazy socks with normal uniforms)

October 27 - Red Ribbon Week "Be a 'Jeanius' and Say No To Drugs" (spirit shirt and denim pants or shorts - must not be short shorts), Bowen Conferences

October 28 - Red Ribbon Week "I'm Too Bright To Do Drugs" (neon or bright colored shirts with normal uniform bottoms), Long and Meiske Conferences, Officer Mills: "Computer Safe Practices" (see schedule below), Happy Birthday, Kim and Edgar!

October 29 - Red Ribbon Week "Team Up Against Drugs" (team jerseys or t shirts with normal uniform bottoms)

October 30 - Halloween theme is "Wisdom, Courage, Faith." Parade at 9:10. Please be lined up at 9:05. We will go through art room first and come out Kinder room. I will lead parade around the courtyard to hardtop.

November 2 & 3 - Adopt a Need Family (AANF) volunteers will meet with grade level teams to explain process (see schedule below).

REMINDERS: (some of these are new, so please read)

  • All lunches during Book Fair week will be outside in the MS courtyard. Please remind students to talk quietly at their tables as the MS classes will be going on all around them.
  • Officer Mills will be presenting a Computer Safe Practices program to 3rd and 4th graders in the sanctuary from 1:05-1:35 and to 5th graders in the sanctuary from 2:15-2:45.

  • November 2 - AANF parent volunteers will meet with teams to explain AANF process for this year according to the following schedule: 5th -9:00-9:20, 3rd -9:25-9:45, 2nd -10:10-10:30, JK -10:55-11:15

    November 3 - AANF parent volunteers will meet with teams to explain AANF process for this year according to the following schedule: 4th - 9:00-9:20, SK - 9:25-9:45, 1st - 10:10-10:30

  • Classroom teachers - If you are using a specific behavior management plan with individual students, please send the specialists a note detailing the plan. Students who need this extra help also need consistency and, if we are using the same plan across all courses, it will be much more effective.
  • Lesson plans to me by Monday.
  • Grades should be recorded within a week of giving the assignment.
  • Please make sure you are posting your plans on RenWeb in a timely fashion. Also, please take a few minutes at the end of every day to assure that your homework in RenWeb is accurate for that day.
  • Please make sure that you are always keeping your doors locked.

Some of the Great Things I Saw This Week:

  • Mrs. Cabello challenged the 4th graders to live a lunchtime according to the Rules of St. Benedict and they were up for the task. They ate lunch in silence listening to Gregorian chants and readings from the Bible. (The 5th graders went along for the ride!)
  • JK and SK students were treated to firetrucks and firemen. They had a great time trying on equipment and getting in the trucks.
  • Nancy, Lise Ann, Lilly have transformed the library into a wonderful venue for the book fair. Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Mrs. Fisher's JK class came to my office and toured. We had a great time.
  • We are still rolling along with parent conferences. As a result, I have been seeing more parents than usual and many have expressed how happy they are with the way the year is going for their children. Pat yourselves on the back!
  • Math Olympiad classes for 4th and 5th began this week. I had a lot of feedback from parents who said their children really enjoyed the classes.
  • Every week I am amazed at how well this team works. Thank you all for doing such a great job.

Here is an example lesson created on TED Ed! Fun problem solving!!

Very cool animation lessons

The link below is to a set of lessons in Kahn. There are a few that would be do-able for lower school. Look through when you have a few minutes and see if there is anything you want to try. The educator strand is the link you will want to click. At the bottom of each set of lessons is a hands on activity also, for example, string art to introduce parabolas.

Have a fabulous weekend and Gig'em Aggies!!