Welcome To Minni's!

Ali Jostes, Kyra Holzmacher, Jenna Decker, Quentin McCarty

Six Business Activities

Generating Ideas, Raising Capitol, Employee in Training, Buying goods and services, marketing goods and services, maintaining business records.

Customer Favorites:

Generation Ideas

Our company caters parties with a little twist: everything is mini and easy to eat. Everyone who created this company thought to make things mini would both make them fun and easier to eat. Soon we developed the idea of catering. It was perfect. Who likes to eat a giant dinner at a party when they want to socialize. We create enjoyable versions of every person’s favorite foods as well as vegan options.

Raising Capital

It took all of us combining our college funds and other savings to get our business started. We are now working on getting a few investments to help advance our marketing.

Employee & Training

We hired a specific employee trainer that has a background in dealing with food and catering.

Buying Goods and Services

We get all our food products from http://www.sysco.com/. Supplies Link anything to a oven to a sink.

Marketing goods

We market our goods with our website and our trendy tv ads!

Buisness Entity

What kind of business are we?

Our business is a partnership. All owners put in their own money and we are not ready for the requirements of a corporation. Two advantages of a partnership are that you get expertise from more than 1 person and each partner is responsible for the decisions made by all other partners. Two disadvantages of a partnership are that there is no protection for personal assets and if a partner leaves or dies the partnership is dissolved.

Business Goals

Within the first year we would like to...

  1. have 90% customer satisfaction.

  2. have at least $30,000 in profit.

  3. expand our menu.

  4. expand party theme options.

  5. get another assistant chef and an assistant designer.

Organizational Chart

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Mission statement

Our mission is to be a creative option to make eating food at parties easier. While doing this, we also want to make parties more fun and successful.
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