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Antrim Elementary School December 17, 2021

Thank You from the PTO

The PTO would like to thank all the people who made the Book Fair possible! We have had a very successful 3 nights so far, and are looking forward to our final evening tonight with the 3rd and 4th graders. It was wonderful to see families in the building, and the students were very excited to show off the decorations that they created for the event.
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A Note from the Principal

Greetings Everyone! Here we are on the last Friday that we will be in school in 2021. Next week, we come to school for three days, and then we are off for winter break. (Don't forget to send in snow gear next week for outdoor recess.) School resumes on Monday January 3, 2022. Time is certainly flying by. The students have almost completely filled the giant RESPECT snow person, so I am sure the school will earn their special celebratory activities on Tuesday afternoon.

Finally, I am sure most of your received a notice from the Superintendent regarding school safety. Please know that we take issues of safety seriously. Yesterday afternoon we held a staff meeting to discuss the matter and review safety procedures. This morning, the Antrim Police Department stopped by AES and drove around school grounds. We appreciate their supportive presence. As always, if you or your children hear or see anything that makes you or them uncomfortable or concerned, please let us know right away.

Wishing you a healthy and happy end of December,

Mrs. Syre-Hager

A Brief Mindfulness Activity for Children and Their Families

This is a season of celebration and excitement for our students and their families. In addition to joy and delight, though, the season can also bring pressures and stresses for children and adults alike. It can be very helpful to everyone to try to keep things gentle, to try to slow down, and to take time to just breathe! Here is a short mindfulness practice that may be useful:

Find a comfortable place and sit down—this can be on the floor, on a chair or couch.

Take three deep breaths, slowly inhaling, and perhaps pausing for three or four seconds before exhaling even more slowly.


What do you see? (Lights twinkling on a tree or in the windows? A beloved pet dozing at your feet or beside you? Bright colors of clothing or wrapping paper? The sky outside the window? Decorations on the walls or on a mantel? Or…?)

Now, close your eyes.

What do you hear? (People walking or talking in other rooms? The sounds of a woodstove or furnace? The crackling of a fire in a fireplace? Pets “talking” in their own pet languages? Or…?

What do you feel? (Can you feel the support of the seat beneath you? Your feet on the ground or your socks or shoes on your feet? Can you feel the air? The warmth or coolness of the room? Or…?)

What do you smell? (The fragrance of a Christmas tree or scented candle? The scent of baking or cooking? The smell of soap or lotion or soap? The smoky fragrance of a woodfire? Or…?)

What do you taste? (The lingering sweetness of a candy cane or cookie in your mouth? The saltiness of a savory snack? The lingering traces of toothpaste in your mouth?)

Take three more deep breaths. Notice how you feel. Before opening your eyes (if they are closed), before getting up to resume your tasks and activities, make a promise to yourself about the rest of the day. Do you want to carry a sense or peacefulness with you? Can you take another moment later in the day, even if just before you go to sleep at bedtime, to just be, to rest, notice, observe? What makes you feel grateful?

Now, take your arms and cross them in front of your body. Place a hand on each shoulder and give yourself a hug. Lift the corners of your mouth, just a tiny bit, into a small smile.

And continue your day.

Have a safe and happy and joyful and peaceful Christmas/holiday break!

Robin Gregg, School Counselor

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PreSchool is Busy Exploring & Creating

Students in both preschool classrooms have been exploring sensory boxes and building gingerbread people from the items they find in the boxes.
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Grade 3 Loves Our Birds

Mrs. Hill's 3/4 class and Mrs. Moore's 3rd grade class continue to study New Hampshire's winter birds. We haven't seen any feathered (or furry) visitors yet, but we have created enticing treats for them. Garlands made of fruit, seed ornaments, a fully decorated and edible Christmas tree, and feeding stations with suet, nuts, seeds, and even mealworms. Our hope is that by the time we get back from the holiday break, the birds will have discovered our gifts and will be regular visitors to observe outside our classroom windows. They have inspired some art projects, and we are ready to identify them with the colored guides we created, and will keep you posted!
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Muzart News

In Muzart we have been studying music from The Nutcracker and creating winter artwork. Some students have watched part of The Nutcracker movie performed by the New York City Ballet. We have also been stretching our imaginations and exploring materials through creating in art center activities.