Wolf vs Hyena

By:Matt the Great and Ivan

Who will win a bloody fight? Wolves vs Hyenas which do you choose!

Wolf vs Hyena who would wirn in a fight? We are here to show you the claws and the speed and other stuff that these vicious carnivores called wolfs and hyenas. It's is are Job to identify the speed and many more things to tell who could win.... A DEATH BATTLE



In the desert of Africa a hyena is chasing a Zebra. At the same time a Wolf has had a long journey and is starving, he then saw the same zebra the hyena was chasing and started to chase it and he then bumped into the hyena. The hyena got mad and the fight began, the hyena charged and made the wolf angry. As the wolf got up the hyena ran with speed and swipe the wolf with the claws which sent the wolf flying again. This time the wolf stood up and dodge the claws and he sent his claws on the hyenas foot. The hyena limped and the wolf came and charged him hard. The hyena and wolf where both injured, but the hyena shove more of his strength and hit the wolf a lot of times. He was badly injured but he would not be defeated. The wolf was smart and use strategy instead of strength. There was a lot of dodging from the wolf and he then got the hyena a lot. Then the truth came and the wolf made a strong swipe and the hyena was down!!!