Digital Footprints and Cyber Safety

What are they? (Speech)

Digital Footprints

  • Everything that you do on the internet can and will be tracked.
  • Some things that you may find of your self would not be correct and may be actually someone else not you.
  • Do not over share things on the web.
  • This will follow you through your whole life so do not post things that you may regret.

The speech date

Friday, March 13th, 5pm

42556 Wotting rd. Freewill

Please come learn a lot of new things you probably never heard of.

Cyber safety

  • Always have a password no one may know, use letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Do not give out personal information.
  • Never give some one your password to one of your accounts you never know what they will do.
  • Be nice to people, Don't Cyber Bully you might take a life by acting like this.

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