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January 2021


Dear Siple Families,

A new year always brings hope for new beginnings! As an educator I feel like I have the joy of experiencing this two times a year, once at the beginning of the school year and then at the beginning of the New Year in January.

I am confident that I'm not alone in saying that I'm not sorry to say goodbye to 2020! I am hopeful that 2021 will bring the positive changes we all seem eager to experience. I am proud of the hard work my team has put in to make sure our students are receiving the best possible education. I am also thankful for the Siple families and your partnership and flexibility through this past year as we have dealt with all the changes that came our way. You have been incredible and a pleasure to work with.

I wish you all a great January and an awesome 2021!

Christy Flowers, Principal



As we see more snow, we will need to be very careful in the parent pick-up/drop-off area. Please make sure to close the gaps between vehicles. This will help get people off Coldwater Road while in line. Please help speed the line up by having your child dressed and ready to get out of the car during drop-off. Please also remember to have your gold dashboard cards in your vehicle's window for parent pick-up. These small acts help the line move along quicker and helps everyone get on their way to their next stop. Thank you for your help with this.


Parents, if you have younger children at home we wanted to make you aware that we are now starting the waiting list for Early-5's. Our Early 5's program is for children that will turn 5 between June 15 and December 1, 2021. This is an excellent program to prepare young children for kindergarten. It is a full day program that focuses on kindergarten readiness. To add your child to the wait list please call the Thomson Elementary office at 810-591-0911.

Please look for information to be coming home about Kindergarten Round Up. The age required for Kindergarten and Early 5's is that they must be 5 by September 1, 2021.


Have you moved? Are you getting ready to move? Please contact the Siple office to update your address and phone numbers if needed. Be sure to let us know if you need to make any changes for emergency contacts as well. We want to make sure we keep your student's records current.


We work hard at Siple to teach and reinforce the Cardinal Code behavior expectations at Siple. We wanted to create a way to recognize students that consistently follow the Cardinal Code in an exemplary way.

Each month classroom teachers will nominate one student from their class to be entered into the grade level drawing for the STAR of the MONTH for that grade. Each grade level STAR of the Month will receive a certificate, medal, and their photo will be on display in the hallway during that month.

We are pleased to recognize students for consistently demonstrating excellent behavior. Thank you for sharing your outstanding children with us. I am pleased to announce our STARs of the Month for December are:

Kindergarten: Piper Brown

1st grade: Alexis Bryson

2nd grade: Ava Lyon

3rd grade: Kevin Murphy

4th grade: Ellarose Monk

Our other outstanding nominees for the month of December were:

Kindergarten: Matthew Hazel, Paul McLeod and Noah Weber

1st grade: Hayden Lewis and Luella Nelson

2nd grade: Grace Kidd, Stella Kile and Alexis Warden

3rd grade: Troy Briggs, Bradley Diamond and Kayden Prevo

4th grade: Aiden Brow, Jace Hamilton and Kinsley Robertson

Congratulations to these outstanding young learners!

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Please have your children bring warm outdoor winter gear to school every day to make sure they stay warm while they are outside for recess. They need to bring boots, snow pants, hats, gloves or mittens, and scarf. Please write your child's name inside their winter gear. This helps prevent items getting lost at school. We go outside every day unless the actual temperature or wind chill dips below zero degrees F. Please help your child remember to bring their gear for recess every day. I recommend working with your child to check their backpack every night to make sure they have both gloves and boots, as well as the rest of the gear, in their bag. By getting it ready at night you'll have an easier time getting out the door in the morning.


With all of the interruptions in learning we have experienced this past year, regular daily attendance is more critical than ever. This includes arriving on time and staying in school all day. Of course if your child is sick you need to keep them home to recover. Otherwise, please make sure your student is at school. My teachers are working very hard to help every child reach their full potential.


Let’s Talk About ANXIETY

In November 2019 I had the opportunity to attend the Michigan School Counseling Association conference in Lansing. Two of the presentations that I attended discussed the impact of anxiety on children that I felt would be good to share with parents. The first presenter was Julia Cook, famous author, former Math teacher and former school counselor. The second presenter on the topic was Monica Fugedi, a school counselor with expertise in anxiety (

First of all, SOME anxiety is HELPFUL. Anxiety can let us know about danger and help to keep us safe. It is our body’s mechanism for self-defense. Unfortunately, anxiety can also become extreme and manifest itself as a disorder. Symptoms of this include constant worry that causes significant distress and interferes with daily life. Sometimes this can be seen in avoidance of social situations for fear of being judged or embarrassed. Other times it can be seen with out-of-the-blue panic attacks, irrational fears, and recurring nightmares. At an elementary level kids may cry, avoid school work, constantly interrupt, repeatedly ask the same question, become clingy, have difficult transitions, have constant illness, become disruptive in class, have a lack of focus, or have a lack of motivation.

THERE IS GOOD NEWS! Science has proven that we can rewire our brains. We can train our brains to PAUSE. This pause allows for people to THINK about the perceived threat. During this pause people need to (credit goes to Monic Fugedi):

C - CAUSE - Find the cause of the anxiety

A - AUTOMATIC - Discover the automatic thought that accompanies the cause

L- LOCUS - Find what is the LOCUS or REALITY of the situation
M - MODIFY - Modify the thought to reflect reality

Another point that was made is the importance of NOT trying to cure the anxiety. Rather, learn to name the worry (for example, name the worry monster after a funny character) and have planned exposure to the fears. Too often we reinforce the fear through avoidance.

Some natural interventions for reducing anxiety include SLEEP (many of us have too little of this on a daily basis which increases activity in the amygdala - the part of our brain that balances emotions and survival instincts), aerobic exercise, yoga and diaphragmatic breathing.

Lastly, if you believe someone you love may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, please seek out professional help. I have a list of area counselors available. Feel free to call or email me with any questions: 810-591-5104 or

Mrs. Simonsen, Counselor


DID YOU KNOW.........

Did You Know This Service is Available

There are many great resources for families in the area. This section of the Siple Scoop is dedicated to introducing you to a FREE resource each month.

This month we are featuring Ele’s Place, which is a healing center for grieving children and teenagers. Weekly peer support group programs help children and teens learn how to cope and heal after the death of parent, sibling, or someone close to them.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! I hope everybody had a wonderful Holiday break! We will be finishing up our hockey tournament that we started right before Christmas break. After hockey is finished we will be starting our bowling unit. I love this unit. The students will get a chance to learn how to roll a bowling ball, take score and learn what a strike and spare are. The district has a bowling unit that we share with all the elementary school buildings. We have carpet lanes with two different types of bowling balls depending on the grade level that is in the classroom. We start out learning the proper way to roll a bowling ball - (Push - Step - Swing - Roll).

The 3rd and 4th graders will start to learn how to take score (even though it is done for you at the bowling alley). I believe that it is important that they understand how and why the score changes when you get a strike or a spare. We will learn about the arrows and aiming the bowling ball. Bowling is so much fun and is something that the WHOLE family can do. I encourage everybody to take a day or night and take the family bowling. We have a wonderful bowling alley in Davison. Our Siple Stars can show you all the things they have been learning in our classroom.

Mr. Sipley, Gym Teacher



Mark your calendars for our

Virtual Musical Performances:

These events will be performed during the school day in our gymnasium without a live audience. Our Siple team will be working together to create a video of the

performance that can be shared with parents.

The following performing groups will receive a letter when we come back in January.

These letters will provide more details about each performance.

2nd Grade Musical = February, 2021

4th Grade Musical = March, 2021

3rd Grade Recorder Concert = May, 2021

Mrs. Odglen, Music Teacher



Welcome to 2021! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break. As we return to school in January the focus for STEM classes in the lower elementary will be for students to continue to improve their skills in navigating Google Classroom.

The upper elementary students will continue to work on assignments in Google classroom using Google Docs and Google Slide.

If you have any questions about STEM class, please contact me via email at Happy January!

Erica Carr

Technology Teacher


The Siple PTO is the greatest PTO!! We have an outstanding group of dedicated parents/family members leading the way for all Siple families. There are many ways to get involved! They are finding creative ways to continue their strong partnership and support with our school. The best way to stay informed is to connect with the PTO on their Facebook page. They are listed as Siple Elementary PTO.


January 04: Back to school

January 14: Picture Retake Day

January 18: NO SCHOOL for Students

January 29: 1/2 Day for Students/Release time is @ 11:43 a.m.

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