Chippewa indians

Anya Cram

Chippewa indians

The chippewa indians lived in many places, one of these places,one of these many places was in Wisconsin.Other places were in Canada,and Lake Superior.

Homes of the Chippewa

The Chippewa indians didn't call their homes houses at the time of the Chippewas rein over territory their homes were given the name wigwams.

Chippewa lunch time!

Now it's time to eat at your table,your having chicken with berries your favorite.But the chippewa didn't get that back then,they ate fish,meat,and crops,so remember that next time you sit down for pizza or another food you like.

Chippewa armed and ready

The Chippewa needed a way to survive right?Well ask no further the chippewa indians used these weapons to survive their life of danger,bows,arrows,and the occatoinal spear to fight off wild animal or indian attacks.These were often made of stone or sometimes meatel.

Did you know?

For their feircenes the Chippewa indians were one of the most feared indian tribes.Also that they were well known for their ability to make things out of birch.