VCR Lesson 10

Wesley Wright

I can't believe that my straight-A sister is dating that moronic punk! I don't know what she sees in him, but she's turned into a bit of an ___________ lately.

heretic, traitor, turncoat, hypocrite

Antonyms: loyalist, patriot, follower, conformist


n. A person who forsakes his or her own principles, religion, or allegiances.

Roots: APO <G. "away from" and HISTANAI <G. "to stand"

apostasy, n.; apostate, adj.; apostatize, v.

Choose the incorrect example of an apostate:

a) [picture]

b) Henry has always hated how his parents stress the importance of church, so he decided to turn against them and convert to judaism as an act of apostasy.

c) I've never seen so many apostates in one town - I saw a pregnant catholic without a wedding ring at church this morning!

d) Mr. Smith is such an apostate; he always tells us to check our work, but he got three questions wrong in his answer key on the last math test.