The Raven Flyer

February 8, 2016

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Children First, Always...The Bryan Way!

It's a Raven Thing!

Be the One ! Committed to Excellence!


Bryan ISD will provide positive educational experiences that ensure high school graduation and post-secondary success.

The Standards Based Teacher...

  • Follows BISD Curriculum

  • Monitors Student Mastery

  • Engages Learners

  • Provides SE-Based Environment

  • Uses Aligned Assessments

  • Delivers Aligned Instruction

  • Plans Aligned Units

As you plan, use these additional questions to guide your planning:

  1. What do we want students to learn?

  2. How will we know that they have learned it?

  3. How will we plan and deliver quality instruction so that students are likely to learn it the first time?

  4. How will we respond when students have already learned it?

  5. How will we respond when some students have not learned it?

Note------ Grading Guidelines.

TAIS Quarter 3 Goal-How are we doing? How are you doing?

75% of all lesson plans sampled will contain evidence of teaching for mastery best practices and high yield strategies.

30 minutes of each Wednesday planning session will be used to share classroom experiences related to teaching for mastery best practices and tracking for mastery (data driven instruction).

1. Teachers deliver less lectures and more interactive lessons.

2. Teachers plan lessons at high cognitive levels with increased focus on vocabulary.

3. Teachers will use increased data driven small group instruction.

4. Collect evidence of best practice implementation and provide necessary coaching support.

Self-Directed Learning Walks
You are strongly encouraged to visit other classrooms in the school to learn and collaborate. It's even better to go in pairs to facilitate a discussion about what you see during your visit. If you choose to visit a classroom during your conference time, etc. and stay in the classroom for at least 10 minutes, you can mark the teacher's Bingo card.

A few housekeeping items...

Please send a list of the absent students in your class to Teresa Sykes by 8:15 am each day.

Be in the cafe by 7:25 for Friday Morning Meeting to greet and manage students. Shake their hands, smile at them.
Move all lesson plans into your personal planner. This is a requirement.
You are encouraged to take advantage of the collaborative planning sessions with the IC's.

PDAS Appraisal Window-Action Required
If you would like to schedule a pre-conference, please schedule through Karen Morgan.

If there is any time during the 2 week window that your schedule would not be conducive to a 45 minute appraisal, please make your appraiser aware.

During your 2 week window, leave a folder on your desk with a seating chart, lesson plans, and any other pertinent information you’d like for us to have or know.

Student Management

CKH and Conscious Discipline
Teacher-“My job is to keep you safe!”
Student- “My job is to help keep it that way!

Evidence of Capturing Kids Hearts
N/A (This teacher has not yet been to CKH training.)
Social Contract is posted, visible, and written in the correct format. (implemented 100% at Houston) Refreshing your social contracts might be in order!
Non-verbal signals are used by the teacher when appropriate.
Students are responding to non-verbal signs by the teacher.
Teacher refers to the social contract (when processing conflict & violations).
Teacher is meeting/greeting students with a handshake as they arrive.
Good things and/or launches are being used.
Affirmations are a part of the classroom environment.
The 4 questions are being used appropriately. (What are you doing? Supposed to be doing? Are you doing it? What are you going to do about it?)
Students are self-managing with non-verbal signs.

Dress Code
Classroom teachers are the first line of defense!
Are you setting a good example?
if out of dress code and repeat offender-Please send students to the office by 8:15 am.

Note-If this is the first time they are out of dress code and it is not extremely inappropriate, let them know to not wear the clothing again and contact the parent.

I Can Statements
Content objectives should be displayed in student friendly language (I can) on board, chart or wall and be visible to the student. The content being taught should match a posted I can statement. Language objectives should begin with I will and be aligned to the instruction.

Being on time for duty is critical to the safety of our children! Grades 2 & 4 have front drive duty this week. When on duty in the front, please supervise the safety patrol and fill in where necessary.

See Houston Faculty Calendar for DATES TO REMEMBER and UPCOMING MEETINGS… See personal calendars for ARD’s and 504’s.
Please refer to the Houston Faculty calendar and your personal calendar daily/weekly as a reference!

Affirmations and Birthdays!

Happy Birthday...

2/11-HB, Sheila Whisenant!

Care and Concern:

Continue to keep Mel Kapchinski in your thoughts and prayers.

Shout Outs...compliments of Mrs. Rothell! Thanks, Kerri, for sharing these affirmations!

A BIG shout out to:

​Robyn Glass The POP art around the campus is outstanding. If I could, I would "pop" a handful of them off the wall, frame them out and hang in my living room! Love them. Thank you for all your hard work in affording our students such unique art experiences, as well as, a fabulous portfolio in which to share. Art smiles to YOU!

PATIENCE! Lesa Hees She is a master of the Kindergartner. As Mrs. Rothell tested outside her room multiple days, she observed patience at its best. Rather than buzzing for help, she set the bar HIGH for one (or more) friends, allowed the crazy for a bit until the friend/s met the mark. Incredible patience at its best.

Sam Pipkin When in her Kinder class this week I observed her working with 3 friends in a Guided Reading group! They were reading a "just right" leveled Rigby Reader. Other friends were very focused and engaged while working on sorting word families, writing the room, the ipad and reading to self.

Way to go, Sam! Perseverance at its best.​

Olivia Robinson

Just how many little people leave the front drive every afternoon? If we didn't know better we'd think 20 to 25. Smooth, seamless, SO very organized!

Olivia, thank you for literally weathering the weather to ensure all our littles get home safe, day in and day out. Just for the record...... you called all extras to the front at 2:57pm- IMPRESSIVE!!!

Many, many to YOU

​ for this ONE of MANY things you do​


Carrie Thigpin​ Thank you for jumping in (on short notice) to test 2 of our 4th grade budding authors this week.

They were perfectly placed with you -and we have wonderful writing to PROVE it! Every


​deserves to​

have a "Mrs. Thigpin" at some point in their elementary career.

You are VERY good at what you do- day in and day out-

​MARY, I mean Carrie​



Many, many to YOU!

Lisa Myhra Got Help Our "newbees" do,

many thanks to Lisa.

Mrs. Myhra helped Lori and Sam maneuver the click, click embedded path of the many RTI forms in Aware. Thank you Lisa for using your time to be such a big help to others.

SMILES to you!

Julie Bockelmann If you need an exemplary example of professionalism, look no more. We appreciate so much her positive presence during Wednesday planning. With out a doubt, she is first to arrive, smile on her face, prepared and ready to engage in the PD/planning for the day.

(even or especially when it is a wild and woolly hump day!)

Thank you JULIE for always being such a great example to others.

Julie Bockelmann = Professionalism

Lori Smith During one quick visit today her kiddos were focused and working in small groups as she worked one on one with 3 students at her teacher table. Their class focus for the day was KINDNESS- helping, speaking and working with one another in kind way.

Later in the afternoon she was visiting with a specific student in the hallway who was sad. She helped the friend 'reframe' her circumstances, encouraged her to regroup and move on.

The friends in Mrs. Smith's class are so blessed to have her! Thank you for giving %

It is making a NIGHT and DAY difference!

Rhonda Elam for doing an amazing job of coordinating our benchmark testing. Well done, my friend!

Sylvia Luera for doing a stellar job of Gr. 5 Transition Night...personal examples, visuals and welcoming environment. Kudos to you!

Always want to know if someone deserves an affirmation...Send them my way and I'll include them in the weekly message.

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