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Second Graders Shine Bright!

A Message from Miss Fuerst

I hope everyone had a good week and appreciated the warm days we were lucky to have! The students continue their hard work and steadily become smarter second graders! Our interactive bulletin board has been put to good use during Daily 5!

Field Trip News

A quick update:

We currently have 9 chaperones for our field trip to The Children's Festival. We are still working with University of Penn to get additional tickets to accommodate everyone. We will keep you posted on the developments!

Journey's Jargon-Lesson 19

Comprehension: TEXT AND GRAPHIC FEATURES and ASKING QUESTIONS were our comprehension strategies last cycle. The students reviewed text and graphic features shown in stories, passages, magazines, and newspapers. They were able to point out features such as headings, titles, illustrations, photographs, and maps. We completed a Text and Graphic Feature scavenger hunt by creating Pic Collages on the iPads. You can see these at Open House.

Grammar: We learned where to add COMMAS in dates, places, and letters. We become familiar with where commas belong and why they are necessary.

Phonics: Our focus were words with ar. We discussed the spellings of words that contain ar at the beginning, middle, and end of the word.

**On Thursday (3/26), we began Lesson 20. The last lesson in Unit 4!**

Math Moments

Unit 7 has begun! We reviewed making friends of 10 to make our addition and subtraction easier, ballpark estimates, and skip counting with larger numbers. We learned a new game, Basketball Addition to practice our addition skills. We used tape measures to measure and record our arm span and lengths of our jumps in inches and centimeters. We used our data and created a frequency chart, line plot, and bar graph.

Writer's at Work

We finally finished our nomination letter writing! The students worked extremely hard for the past few cycles writing letters about books they nominated for awards. They even used their own ideas and created some awards of their own. We shared our letters with each other. There was some excitement about books they want to read now!

We started poetry, our last Writer's Workshop unit last week! You may have heard your children say they needed to bring in an object for writing workshop. They learned to see ordinary objects through a "poet's glasses". If you want to hear more about "poet's glasses", ask your child!

Stellar Scientists

Our soil unit continues! We have been working with samples of wet sand, clay, and humus, while comparing and contrasting each component. We also created our own fictional plants. We determined what type of soil their plant lived in. They could live in sand, clay, or humus. We wrote about what they look like, eat, their hobbies, and the climate they live in.

Upcoming Events

Please Mark Your Calendars

  • 3/31-March Community Meeting
  • 4/3-School Open-12:30 Dismissal
  • 4/6-4/10-Spring Break
  • 4/13-Back to School-Day 1
  • 4/15-Tatem's Open House-6:30-Bring the whole family!
  • 4/17-Library Day-Books DUE
  • 4/25-Tatem Fair