Spanish Newsletter

Week of May 28-31

What we did this week...

Greetings Parents/Guardians!

This was a short and very quick week for us here at school. Students were assessed on the expression "Cuanto tiempo hace que...? (How long have you been....?) expression in Spanish and performed well on this assessment. In addition to this expression, students also learned how to ask about the weather and some common weather expressions. (Our timing this week couldn't have been better..snow in the mountains on Monday and 90 degree temps on Friday!) Only block 6 was assessed on weather expressions today. Block 3 will be assessed on Monday because several students participated in the PE field trip and were not here to take the assessment.

Coming up Next Week...

Next week students will wrapping up our unit 7 the week of June 3rd with a virtual field trip to Argentina that I recently created for an online class. I am looking forward to "taking them" on this field trip and hope they like it too.

I will be giving students a study guide for the final exam next week so that they can prepare for their Spanish final exam.

PLEASE NOTE: The last day to turn in/make-up any missing assignment for quarter 4 is Friday June 7th. Please be sure to check PowerSchool and discuss your child's grades with them.