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England's First Colony

The only country that originally have settlements in Virginia are England, it is the first english colony in the world. Virginia was named after Queen Elizabeth I who was known as the "Virgin Queen".
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Our Geography

The Virginia Colony is classified as one of the southern colonies. It is located in Northeast America above North Carolina. The soil is fertile and we have plentiful rain, so Virginia is an excellent place for farming. We have hot and humid summers and mild winters. In the western part of our colony we have many mountains and heavy woods, perfect for lumber and building!
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About Us

Virginia is a Southern Colony. We are not dominated by a specific religion here in Virginia, and we have religious freedom for Baptists, Anglicans, and many others. We are governed as a Royal colony under England. Virginia's main crop is tobacco and our iron industry is booming!
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Virginia was founded in 1607. The self governing system The House of Burgesses was established 1619. in 1624 Virginia was made a royal colony and in 1748 the Harpers Ferry began carrying passengers.

Important People

John Smith founded Virginia in 1607. The first child born of english parents in the new world was Virginia Dare. In 1612 John Rolfe exported the first crop of improved tobacco.