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Northwood Jr. High School- Week of March 30th

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Mission and Vision at Northwood / Misión y Visión en Northwood


As a unified community we will proactively engage students, staff, and families in creating an environment that is supportive of the academic, emotional, and social success of all students.


Our vision at Northwood is to empower all students to be successful members of a global society by fostering their academic, emotional, and social growth.



Como comunidad unificada, involucraremos de manera proactiva a los estudiantes, el personal y las familias en la creación de un entorno que apoye el éxito académico, emocional y social de todos los estudiantes.


Nuestra visión en Northwood es capacitar a todos los estudiantes para que sean miembros exitosos de una sociedad global fomentando su crecimiento académico, emocional y social.

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Remote Learning Update from the Teaching and Learning Department

What any person in the world can learn, almost all persons can learn if provided with appropriate prior and current conditions of learning. -Dr. Benjamin Bloom

March 27, 2020

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Dear North Shore School District 112 Parents & Guardians,

We have been working on a multi-step plan to move from an in-person school system to a remote learning school system. Due to the extended school closure related to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we have the opportunity and challenge of supporting a transition to new ways of learning and teaching. North Shore School District 112 administrators and staff have been working around the clock (virtually) on planning methods to deliver remote instruction to all of our PK-8 students. Our motto is Inspire...Innovate...Engage - that is on full display right now!

As a recap, Dr. Lubelfeld closed the schools 3/13-4/13 in an announcement following the Board meeting on March 12. Prior to this time, our district did not have an approved e-Learning Plan. The Board approved an e-Learning Plan on March 17. The original intention of the Illinois e-Learning plan was for five emergency days of non-consecutive teaching. This pandemic has caused us to rethink education.

With this letter, we’re sharing details of our e-Learning instructional plan. Starting Monday, March 30th, students in 1st-8th grades should continue working on self-paced online courses from Educere. Kindergarten students should continue working on self-paced courses in Imagine Learning. The following is the estimated screen time:

  • Kindergarten -- 30 minutes math and 30 minutes literacy (1 hour)

  • 1st Grade -- 15 minutes per course, per day (1 hour)

  • 2nd and 3rd Grade -- 20 minutes per course, per day (80 minutes)

  • 4th and 5th Grade -- 25 minutes per course, per day (100 minutes)

  • 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade -- 30 minutes per course, per day (2.5 hours)

K-5 students in the Dual Language Program may spend an additional 15-30 minutes per day in Imagine Español.

Although the self-paced courses on the Educere platform do not necessarily follow the same scope and sequence of our courses, it’s a great review and remote learning tool, and we encourage exploration and usage. We encourage students to keep their cognitive skills sharp and spend time on self-paced learning next week while our teachers engage in training courses preparing them for our temporary ‘new normal’.

Students can log into Imagine Learning and Educere anytime through the Clever portal. Additionally, this document has a variety of digital resources for families to use and can be accessed through a student’s Clever portal, through free sign-up, or through the Highland Park Public Library’s page.

Students in preschool should work thirty minutes each day on the packets that were distributed before break, read with a family member, and engage in recommended activities. In addition, we are working on a shipment to all preschool families who will be receiving ‘book packs’ from Scholastic. These packs will be sent directly to the homes of students. All students will receive five books in English. Students in preschool Dual Language will also receive books in Spanish. Each ‘book pack’ includes activity sheets to supplement the story.

NSSD112 teachers are going to engage in a variety of professional development sessions next week, March 30-April 3. These sessions will include training on: Zoom, Otus, and Seesaw. Our teachers are going to be collaborating remotely to plan delivery. On Monday April 6th, teachers will provide a brief introduction of the e-Learning experience, via Zoom with their students. Starting no later than Tuesday April 7, NSSD112 teachers will begin to deliver lessons and content to students K-8 using the new e-Learning plan. The planning and construction of this new e-Learning delivery is an ongoing and evolving process. We will update you as quickly as possible as changes occur.

Summary of e-Learning Timelines

  • March 30-April 3
  • PreK - 8
  • Teachers reach out for social-emotional ZOOM check-in to all students

  • April 6
  • K-8
  • Teachers provide e-Learning overview to students via ZOOM

  • April 7-return to school date TBD
  • K-8
  • e-Learning lessons and content begin through Otus

Following are some questions and answers:

When and how will my student receive lessons from teachers?

K-8 teachers will post lessons in Otus by 8 pm the night before. At the K-5 level, students will access through their “homeroom” class.

PreK teachers will use Seesaw and Zoom or Google Hangouts for instruction. Please watch for communication from your child's teacher that includes the code that you will need to add this portion of Seesaw. At this time, Early Childhood will not be using the OTUS platform.

The following is a list of district-approved instructional delivery methods:

  • Otus (learning management and content delivery system)

  • ZOOM! (web-based conference tool)

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Google Hangout

  • Seesaw

For assistance with technology please email to request it.

Other resources you might find helpful:

What if my student(s) have questions about the assignments? Who do we contact?

You may contact your child’s teacher via email if you have questions about assignments or using the Otus platform. Teachers will be available for timely responses to questions, to clarify assignments, and for general check-ins Monday through Thursday from 9:00 am-10:00 am and 1:00 pm-2:00 pm. Teachers may be contacted outside of these times, but the response time may vary. On Fridays, teachers have a brief Zoom check-in with their classes, and then spend the rest of the day collaborating with teams, and therefore unavailable for immediate responses.

How will accommodations and modifications be provided to my student(s) who are served by Special Education and Section 504 Plans?

Our district is working to ensure that students receive FAPE (Free and Appropriate Education). Teachers continue to provide accommodations for students to the greatest extent possible by checking with students frequently, shortening assignments, breaking assignments into “chunks” and other strategies. Case managers and special education teachers will be working with teachers to provide needed accommodations/ modifications. Meetings will be scheduled remotely as needed.

Why aren’t you starting Teacher e-Learning on March 30?

We are planning as if we don’t return in person for two months, or more, and we would rather get the design right with an inconvenient week of self-guided learning than rush into a poor design that cannot be sustained. We thank you for your understanding.

How will we return completed assignments to teachers?

This will vary from teacher to teacher. Teachers will share with students how they want the assignments submitted. NSSD112 teachers will be flexible with timelines and grading during extended closures. Please remember that this is all new for all of us!

With regards and appreciation,


Kevin D. Ryan Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent for Teaching & Learning

Educere and Clever Directions and Frequently Asked Questions/ Instrucciones y preguntas frecuentes de Educere y Clever

Hi Northwood community!

Please open the following links to access directions and frequently asked questions on Educere and Clever.




¡Hola, comunidad de Northwood!

Abra los siguientes enlaces para acceder a las instrucciones y preguntas frecuentes sobre Educere y Clever.



School Grounds Closed Due to Stay at Home Order

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“The hallmark of a true team player is someone who asks themselves not how I can be the best, but how can I serve?”
– Shane Battier

March 26, 2020 - 10:00am

Dear North Shore School District 112 Parents, Guardians, & Community Members,

Please help us mitigate the risk of COVID-19 by staying at home and practicing social distancing. During the Governor’s Stay at Home Order, all school grounds are closed to the public. Our First Responders are getting calls of people congregating on our properties, they need to be on call to respond to all matters of public safety. Our school personnel are getting calls too; right now we need to focus on cleaning and feeding, we do not want to pull our limited staff on site for enforcement. We need your help! Please help us stop people from gathering on school property during this Stay at Home order.

We are all in this together and we can all beat the spread of COVID-19 but we must obey the directives of our Governor and help everyone flatten the curve.

No one is permitted on school grounds except for school personnel, people picking up meals on food distribution days and authorized people.

Thank you for your understanding. We know this is “spring break” and we know it is a challenge to stay apart. We thank you for this temporary inconvenience. We look forward to putting this all behind us, but for now, it is not the time for playing in groups on school property.

With regards and appreciation,


Michael Lubelfeld Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

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Hi Northwood community,

Please remember that North Shore School District 112 Nutrition Service will be providing FREE meals Monday through Friday from March 30th-April 13th. Please see the flyers below for more details.


Hola comunidad de Northwood,

Recuerde que el Servicio de Nutrición del Distrito Escolar 112 de North Shore proporcionará comidas GRATIS de lunes a viernes del 30 de marzo al 13 de abril. Consulte los folletos a continuación para obtener más detalles.

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Big picture

Month of the Military Child/Mes del niño/a militar

Northwood is proud to honor the military families and students who contribute to our incredible community. April is designated as the "Month of the Military Child," a time to honor the sacrifices made by the child of a military member serving at home or overseas. Throughout the course of this month, Northwood's staff and community will be showing our appreciation of our military students and families.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 1st, all Northwood families are encouraged to post a purple heart in their front window in honor of our military children and families. Along with the heart, families can choose to include a "Thank You" message to our military families. The goal is to keep these up for the month of April to show our pride and gratitude! You can make your own or use these templates! IDEA #1 or IDEA #2. Feel free to post your images on social media using the #112Leads and #NWHuskies tags.

Additionally, every Friday in April we are encouraging families to wear purple and post pictures on social media using the hashtags shared above (#112Leads and #NWHuskies).

Please, while we are all spending time with our families and taking time to appreciate how fortunate we are to have each other, consider having a reflective conversation with your student about the many military families that offer so much to our Northwood community. From Northwood's staff and families, we thank you for your service!


Northwood se enorgullece de honrar a las familias militares y estudiantes que contribuyen a nuestra increíble comunidad. Abril es designado como el "Mes del Niño Militar", un momento para honrar los sacrificios hechos por el niño de un miembro militar que sirve en su país o en el extranjero. A lo largo de este mes, el personal y la comunidad de Northwood mostrarán nuestro aprecio por nuestros estudiantes militares y sus familias.

A partir del miércoles 1 de abril, se alienta a todas las familias de Northwood a que coloquen un corazón púrpura en su ventana delantera en honor a nuestros niños y familias militares. Junto con el corazón, las familias pueden optar por incluir un mensaje de "Gracias" a nuestras familias militares. ¡El objetivo es mantener esto durante el mes de abril para mostrar nuestro orgullo y gratitud! ¡Puedes hacer las tuyas o usar estas plantillas! IDEA # 1 o IDEA # 2. Siéntase libre de publicar sus imágenes en las redes sociales usando las etiquetas # 112Leads y #NWHuskies.

Además, todos los viernes de abril alentamos a las familias a usar morado y publicar fotos en las redes sociales usando los hashtags compartidos anteriormente (# 112Leads y #NWHuskies).

Por favor, mientras todos pasamos tiempo con nuestras familias y tomamos tiempo para apreciar lo afortunados que somos de tenernos, considere tener una conversación reflexiva con su estudiante sobre las muchas familias militares que ofrecen tanto a nuestra comunidad de Northwood. Del personal y las familias de Northwood, ¡le agradecemos su servicio!

Family Building Circles

Please see this video on Family Building Circles that you can do at home! Mrs. Sonia Ruiz, one of our associate principals, recorded her family participating in a Family Building Circle to help social and emotional well-being during this pandemic. Many of our Northwood students have practiced community building circles, peer circles, and restorative justice circles in the classrooms.

Thank you Mrs. Ruiz!


¡Vea este video sobre Círculos de familia que puede hacer en casa! La Sra. Sonia Ruiz, una de nuestras directoras asociadas, grabó a su familia participando en un Círculo de Familia para ayudar al bienestar social y emocional durante esta pandemia. Muchos de nuestros estudiantes de Northwood han practicado círculos de comunidad, círculos de pares y círculos de justicia restaurativa en las aulas.

Gracias señora Ruiz!

Dist112 PTO's join forces to help - We will get through this together!

Message from our NW PTO/ Mensaje de nuestro PTO de NW

Dear Northwood Parents,

We hope your family, friends and neighbors are healthy; even though we must continue to keep our distance physically, we are in this together. If you need help during this crisis, please reach out to us: Julie Coleman, or Barbara Hinde,, and we will do our best to assist you.

In this unprecedented time, the District 112 PTOs (Braeside, Edgewood, Green Bay, Indian Trail, Northwood, Oak Terrace, Ravinia, Red Oak, Sherwood and Wayne Thomas) united together last week to support not only our school families, but also the community at large. These 10 organizations committed a $15,500 donation to the Moraine Township Food Pantry to help them support the immediate and ongoing needs of those they serve. In addition, an anonymous donor offered to donate an additional $5,000 to the pantry to further support the PTO effort. On behalf of all the PTO organizations in District 112, we thank you for allowing us to continue to support our community during this time.

Our NWPTO treasurer, Jenn Boiles, spoke with staff at the Moraine Township Food Pantry to ask how the Northwood community could be of further help. The pantry usually serves around 250 families, but that number is growing and they expect overall need to increase exponentially.

Food Pantry:


To make a monetary donation please go to:

If you need food or know of a resident who needs food, please go to:, or call 847-432-3240.

Another way to help our community!

Dine Locally with Carryout & Curbside Pickup

We had planned on using a local restaurant, Backyard Grill, to provide for the conference dinner, as well as an upcoming dine & donate. Consider purchasing gift cards from them or other local restaurants as a way to support them while they are closed to dine-in customers. Many local restaurants and providers remain open with curbside delivery and carryout. Please consider staying local, and keep them in business! This list, compiled by the City of Highland Park, will be updated on the city's website regularly:


Queridos padres de Northwood,

Esperamos que su familia, amigos y vecinos estén sanos; Aunque debemos continuar manteniendo nuestra distancia física, recuerde que estamos todos juntos en esto. Si necesita ayuda durante esta crisis, por favor no dude en comunicarse con nosotras: Julie Coleman, o Barbara Hinde, , y haremos todo lo posible por ayudarle.

En este tiempo sin precedentes, las Organizaciones de padres y maestros (PTOs) del Distrito 112 (Braeside, Edgewood, Green Bay, Indian Trail, Northwood, Oak Terrace, Ravinia, Red Oak, Sherwood y Wayne Thomas) se unieron la semana pasada para apoyar no solo a las familias de nuestras escuelas, sino a la comunidad en general. Estas 10 organizaciones se comprometieron con una donación de 15,500 $ a la despensa de alimentos del municipio de Moraine para ayudar a apoyar las necesidades inmediatas y continuas de aquellos a quienes sirven. Además, un donante anónimo se ofreció a donar 5,000 $ adicionales a la despensa para apoyar aún más el esfuerzo de la PTO. En nombre de todas las Organizaciones de padres y maestros (PTOs) del Distrito 112, les agradecemos el permitirnos continuar apoyando a nuestra comunidad durante este tiempo.

La despensa de alimentos Moraine no acepta donaciones físicas en este momento.

Para hacer una donación monetaria, vaya a:

Si necesita comida o sabe de un residente que necesita comida, vaya a:, o marque a 847-432-3240.

¡Otra forma de ayudar a nuestra comunidad!

Coma localmente con comida para llevar y comida recogida ‘en la acera’

Habíamos planeado usar un restaurante local, Backyard Grill, para proporcionar la cena de las conferencias. Considere comprar tarjetas de regalo de ellos u otros restaurantes locales como una forma de apoyarlos mientras están cerrados para el público. Muchos restaurantes y proveedores locales permanecen abiertos con comida para llevar y entrega ‘en la acera. ’ ¡Por favor considere permanecer local y ayudarles a mantener sus negocios! Esta lista, compilada por la Ciudad de Highland Park, se actualizará regularmente en el sitio web de la ciudad:

Click here to visit our website

Technology Assistance/Asistencia tecnológica

"North Shore School District 112 schools are closed until April 14. If you need assistance regarding instructional technology, please email If you wish to contact a staff member, please use the website and email the appropriate person."


"Las escuelas del Distrito Escolar 112 de North Shore permanecerán cerradas hasta el 14 de abril. Si necesita ayuda con respecto a la tecnología educativa, envíe un correo electrónico a Si desea comunicarse con un miembro del personal, utilice el sitio web y la persona apropiada".

Teaching & Learning Information/Información de enseñanza y aprendizaje

March 19, 2020 - 6:00 pm

Dear North Shore School District 112 Parents & Guardians:

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As we end this epic week and as we head into “spring break”, we wanted to let you know that we hope you and your families are healthy and safe. As you know, over the last several days, our teams have been extremely busy tending to the welfare of our community, making sure that our students are fed. We are proud to report that we have already distributed nearly 1100 meals this week!

We appreciate the understanding, support, and feedback as we have just started our first-ever implementation of e-learning with our students. Students this week were provided lessons from our adopted curricular resources that were aligned to grade-level standards. Your 1st through 8th-grade children should have received an email from Educere about the online digital self-paced resource we wrote to you about last night. You can find an information link for Educere here.

As a reminder, our four priorities are:

  • Priority one - feed our families and children
  • Priority two - account for the extended safety, health, and welfare of our 4500 students and staff
  • Priority three - communicate clearly
  • Priority four - e-Learning

Dr. Ryan, the assistant superintendent for Teaching & Learning, will continue to provide updates as we transition from an on-ground school system to a distance learning organization.

With regards,


Michael Lubelfeld, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

D112 e-Learning Update March 17, 2020/ Actualización de D112 e-Learning 17 de marzo de, 2020

aquí para leer en español

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Dear North Shore School District Parents & Community,

The following information provides details on how to access our e-Learning resources to be used during this unprecedented extended school closure. This is related to our fourth priority during this unusual Pandemic directed school closure.

Q: What is Clever and how do we access it?
Clever is a portal that allows students access to many of the District’s learning resources. With Clever, students log in using their district email and password (Chromebooks) or badges (iPads). These linked instructions describe how to use Clever on district-issued devices or from a home computer.

Q: What self-paced digital resources are available for students?
The district has purchased a subscription to Educere and Imagine Learning, which are both self-paced digital courses.

  • Educere - ALL students in 1st through 8th grade. By the end of this week, students will receive an email to their District 112 email address with directions on how to complete registration and access courses. All other resources are ready for access right now (see next question). We will communicate as soon as Educere is available. This has been expedited from our original suggestion of a March 30 start date.
    • Grades 1-5: will be enrolled in four courses: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
    • Grades 6-8: will be enrolled in five courses: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies and World Language (French or Spanish). These courses are assigned based on the student's current class schedules. If a student is not currently in a World Language course, they will not have one assigned in Educere.
  • Imagine Learning - All Kindergarten students and K-5 Dual Language students have access to Imagine Learning, a bilingual Language Arts and Math digital resource.
    • ALL Kindergarten Students: Language and Math is for students in kindergarten. Students can log in anytime through the Clever portal and begin the activities. Students can begin using Imagine Learning immediately.
    • ALL Dual Language K-5: Español, Language, and Math is available for K-5 students who attend Oak Terrace and Red Oak Dual Language. Dual Students can use both Educere and Imagine Learning. Students can begin using Imagine Learning immediately.

Q: What resources are available until students have access to Educere?
Click this link to our website. These resources are from our core materials in Math and Language Arts and are for immediate use. For Language Arts, your child will need access to his/her ReadyGEN (elementary) or myPerspectives (middle) icons in the Clever portal.

Once you enter the ReadyGEN or Perspectives icon in Clever (linked directions), you will select the unit of study that correlates to the directions provided here. You do not have to print these materials. They can be written on blank paper or answered orally. Please refer to your student’s grade level packet for detailed instructions.

Q: What Supplemental digital resources can we use?
This document accessed through the link has a variety of digital resources. This document indicates which resources can be accessed through a student’s Clever portal, through free sign-up, or available through the Highland Park Public Library’s page.

Q: How should I schedule my child’s at-home learning?
Involve your child in helping create a daily routine for learning and play. A daily schedule should include time for learning, movement breaks, brain breaks, lunch and snack, and free choice. There are many examples on the Internet. Here are a few examples: Remote Learning Schedule, Khan Academy Remote Learning Schedule, also Illinois State Board of Education has identified many resources for families, including multilingual learners.

Q: What if I have a student at Green Bay Early Childhood Center?
If you did not pick-up your home learning packet and supply pack, you can pick it up at Oak Terrace Elementary School during the food service hours on March 18th and 19th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Please ‘like’ the Green Bay Facebook Page for updates. Install the Seesaw app on your phone or device, as learning materials will be available on SeeSaw after Spring Break.

Q: What do I do if my student’s district-issued device needs troubleshooting?
If your school-issued technology device breaks or needs attention, send an email to

Q: When will the teacher(s) be in touch with my child?
Our phased-in approach to e-learning is starting with self-paced, self-guided, independent work for our children at home. Following Spring break, after training opportunities will be provided for our teachers on the Zoom web conference tool. All teachers will be able to set up a Zoom web conference for a social-emotional check-in as well as a chance to discuss the online learning resources during the week of April 6.

As a reminder, our four priorities are:

  • Priority one - feed our families and children
  • Priority two - account for the extended safety, health, and welfare of our 4500 students and staff
  • Priority three - communicate clearly
  • Priority four - e-Learning

I have to express tremendous gratitude to the administrative departments, especially Teaching & Learning, Technology Services, the principals and everyone here in the administration.

Thank you for your support and flexibility during this time of unprecedented closure.

With regards,

Michael Lubefeld Ed.D.