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Sawyer Mann

A Birthday For The Skittle King

So we have all heard of Funset Boulevard. Like an opposite ripoff of Chuck. E. Cheese. Well Sawyer Mann's family traveled to Funset Boulevard for his older brother's birthday April 6.

After about half an hour of slaving over a counter to make a cake, amazing by the way, rainbow skittle cake. He obviously had to post it on every social media site he had.

Right after making this delicious, mouth watering cake, they ventured over down the road a ways to pick up his brother's girlfriend.

"Onward" Sawyer shouts, as they went on their journey the rest of the way into Appleton.

Once they arrived, the kids hit the laser tag section at 6:10 to gear up. It was amazing, seeing the lasers shoot past you almost as if you could touch them. Zap zip Zam! Is all they heard. Sawyer took first place on his team leaderboard because he "has skills better than his bro".

After scarfing down the rest of the cake they sluggishly returned all the way back home... And slept.

A View On The Badger 3-8 Test

On April 15 the state school systems gave the students at Bay View Middle School their introduced Badger 3-8 test. Many kids disliked the test demo, but turned out not having many problems with it later. Sawyer, a student at Bay View, likes how short the test was and the subject was one of his strengths. The test would continue as normal on the second day, but Sawyer got severely sick. He couldn't even get out of bed for the rest of the week. The next week Sawyer will have to take the second part... If they let him, because it is a state

standard test, he may or may not be able to. But Sawyer is still bursting through his sickness and getting his summer workouts in.

A Mann's Morning, Is It Worth It?

Kids these days, always whining about school right? Well we interviewed a certain "Mann" to see his everyday morning routine, and how he prefers when school starts. We want to prove him wrong, we received these answers.

"Every school morning is about the same routine. I wake up after multiple

shouting alarms I had set for 5:30 the night before." I mean who likes alarms and early waking a anyways?

"Repeatedly prying mydreary eyes open I flop out of bed and get dressed. I got and brush my teeth and sometimes shower. By the time I am done messing around doing nothing, it is time to get on the bus." We all need a little play time right?

"I do all of these things because school is mean, and I am forced to get on the bus at 6:30. Half of the time my alarm doesn't wake me up." So we received results different than we expected. Sawyer doesn't appear to like the routine the school systems expect of him. But think about it, with a later time in the morning, then school runs into daylight time that you lose. He can think what he wants.