By: Ben Martin


In the United states there is a man who is fighting in the Revolutionary War. He is aloud to go on Relief back home in Georgia. Georgia at this time has a very serious problem, global warming is extremely affecting the roads. It is so warm in Georgia the roads are melting. The only person who knows how to stop the road from melting is a greedy rich man that refuses to tell anyone his secret to no melting roads! The only solution the people of Georgia could think of was to get a mind reader. Mind readers at this time were not aloud to be in Georgia because Georgians believed in witch craft. All the mind readers lived in New York. A group of people went to New York very secretively and found a woman mind reader. She then went up to the very rich and greedy man and read his mind on how he solved the global warming melting road problem.

About Me

I am a boy. I live in a house. I brush my teeth every day. I shower every day. I wear normal clothes. I like dogs anddd cats. I like to sleep many hours. I go to school. I play in sports. One weird thing about me is I hate lint.