Do you want to be an American Citizen?

Why would you want to be an American Citizen?

There are many reasons why you should think about becoming an American citizen. The first would be America is known as the "Land of Opportunities". America has a lot of things that other countries can't offer. We have better jobs, more money, and it's a great place for someone to live.

Who can become an American citizen?

Black, white, tall, short, blond hair or black hair doesn't matter, ANYONE can seek naturalization. But you must first complete all requirments and pass the Citizenship exam.

How to become a citizen?

To become an American citizen you must first sign a statement saying, just that. This statement is then filed with The U.S. Citizenship and Immagration Sevices. The second requirment to becoming a citizen is to live in America for five years, and during these years take classes to help you study for the Citizenship exam. The last thing you must do, is be 18 years old and live in the state you are seeking naturalization in for 3 months. After all that is completed you can then file for an application for citizenship.
By Emily Robinson