My Flood Poem


A flood is a rise of water with no place to go.

All that water just flow and flows.

floods cause more damage than any other weather

one drop of water by itself is lighter than a feather.

Just six inches can knock a person down

just two feet can move a car around.

A flood is as big as house

it is a river of destruction as quiet as a mouse.

Floods are caused by hurricanes, poor levees rapidly thawing snow or heavy rain.

Floods cause great loss and no gain.

Kids National Geographic. N.p., n.d. Web. 6 Jan. 2016. <www.kidsnational geographic.com

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A blizzard is a natural disaster a snowstorm that loss long time and have wide is called a blizzard have lots of snow. in order to mack to blizzard you need snow fall to just right. a warm front go over of cold air. ice crystals put together make snowflakes
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chicago blizzard