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Corporate Edition files

Faxing from other business applications can be activated with the optional API Toolkit. All functions online queueing process that businesses need The Corporate Edition includes the Least Cost Routing (LCR) customer queue management Support for Exchange clusters and Windows domains subordinate for the e-mail gateway. Is also included Software Assurance for one year. A series of Fax hardware devices supported, among other things, intelligent Fax boards, ISDN controllers and V. 4 modems to send many faxes, and the DDI-Fax (with To enable extensions) directly to the desktop.

Quick and easy installation and configuration. The Server can be easily customer queue management with the Microsoft Installer (MSI) and an Installation and Configuration Assistant installed become. Also, supports Windows Group Policy, so that the Client on request very quickly to the center multiple desktops can be customer queue management installed. A wide range of management functions, among other things, comprehensive fax protocols, fees and key Watch lists, enables the fax used to provide specific departments or customer. Ideal for use in multiple or remote locations Network administrators can use the fax server Remote monitoring, queue management and MMCKonfigurationsmoduls Manage from a single location.

The Client can be installed on an application server in order to send customer queue management faxes by network users in Branches of existing thin client sessions or a WAN (Wide Area Network) to allow. Important user features:Intuitive Microsoft Outlook -style fax client with Address, task bar warnings, and preview window customizable shortcutsDirect faxing from Microsoft Office documents, e-mail client, Web Client and other applications with the optional API Toolkit were made Fax CapabilityConvert incoming faxes to PDF format Forwarding these faxes to any PC userEasy management and personalization by fax broadcast function with advanced integrated addressMulti-Doc function for combining multiple documents such as Letters and spreadsheets into a single faxAutomatic redial when busy and automatic printing of failed faxesChoice of addressing options via the integrated Microsoft Outlook Address Book as well as private and public Major administrator features:Support for Exchange, Office and Lotus Domino 6.5.

After selecting manual or automatic forwarding of incoming Faxes customer queue management to individual PCs and network printer Support of Group Policy allows central Installation of multiple clientsFax Queue Management allows cancel or prioritization faxes supporting a number of fax devices, including V.

Modems, intelligent fax boards and ISDN controller Supports Microsoft Exchange Server cluster environments, subordinate Windows domains and Least Cost RoutingAllows automatic creation of user accounts Module offers comprehensive fax protocols, Fees keys, and audit trails Archiving function Active Directory integration: the Client examines the server location with Active Directory, so that the desktop no ClientNeukonfiguration is required. Next Steps For more information you can from Equity or your local dealer obtain. Information about other for networks systems You can find in the data sheets of the Business and Enterprise Edition.

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