The Globalization of RGM Watches

By: Maddie Lessard

History of RGM Watches

It was founded by Roland G. Murphy in 1922. It started when he was in high school working for a clock company. RGM watches are the only U.S. based watch company to manufacture and design their own product. His stubbornness and his street smartness are what kept him pursuing his goal to design this watch.

Timeline of Events

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RGM Watches Map Overview

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RGM Watch Company is located in a small town in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is an area with a wealthy history of watchmaking.


1. There might be a difference in where a food product is manufactured as opposed to where a consumer item is manufactured because not every country will have the right equipment in order for a consumer item to manufactured. Whereas with a food product, you can ship over the ingredients that you need and use the materials that, that country provides you with.

2. RGM Watches is an American-made product and was first originated in the U.S. Roland Murphy did a majority of his studying in Switzerland and this is where he first sparked an interest in watches.

3. The company today is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This is there largest market and is a well-known town for the history of watchmaking. They do not rely on foreign markets/manufacturing.