Dead Zones!!!

by melissa and allyson

what is the "dead zone"?

a region where oxygen concentrations are very low. it is also known as hypoxia. it is cause by interaction between biological, chemical and physical factors.

where do they occur?

they occur anywhere around the world in both fresh and salt waters.they however happen natrually in some coastal areas. the main place this occurs in is the Gulf of Mexico and Baltic Sea.

what are the effects of hypoxia?

the effects of hypoxia are low oxygen levels, animals like shrimp and crab can migrate out of hypoxic areas. also plants and animals on the ocean floor cannot escape from the dangers.

problems with dead zones

fishers are concerned with the dead zone because catches are being affected.Another problem is the number of species are reducing and fish are migrating. the wildlife that is affected by this the most is fish and plants. luckily dead zones wont affect League City and there isnt a big chance of it happening in the future.

negative effects

all the fish are leaving the affected area and this is hurting the fishing industry. there are also toxic algae blooms causing deaths in the livestock, pet, fish and drinking water supplies. this effects the area buy killing not only animals but also humans because this can reach the water supply.

how to prevent

In Sweden scientist are trying to pump oxygen into the Baltic Sea to prevent dead zones. i Think a good way to prevent this is to not pollute and take care of the ocean and i do think that it can be implemented because people are already tring to do that.

picture and video refrences

all pictures and videos from google/youtube