Jim Crow Laws

Diane Nguyen

Need to Know

  • JIm Crow Laws were laws to divide African Americans from Americans.
  • The law was named after a performer's act named JIm Crow.
  • This law made the Americans more raciest, and brought out beatings towards the other group.
  • Each race had their thing like drinking fountain, restaurant, park, and etc.
  • 10 years after the turning point was when they decided to change.

JIm Crow

Jim Crow started as a song written by Thomas Dartmouth "daddy" Rice. These are the lyrics.

"Come listen all you galls and boys,
I'm going to sing a little song,
My name is Jim Crow.
Weel about and turn about and do jis so,
Eb'ry time I weel about I jump Jim Crow."

Rice was a troubling actor, so one day he appeared on stage dressed as a very stereo typical black man. Soon he became a hit, but it only lasted a half century.


1899-Georgia Restricts Railroads-Americans and African Americans can't ride the same train cart and railroad companies were able to refuse African on their trains.

1900-Lynching in the 20th Century-Around 791 African Americans were lynched and burned alive.

1958-Virginia Closes Schools-Any school that enrolls both races would be closed.

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